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Signature to

We all love to stand out among others of its dissimilarity. Try to add some touches to your look, the same applies to our presence in social networks and on the Internet forums. Our every utterance or an exhibition of photographs, occasion to show its activity, energy and desire to learn about the world. But for all to see, it is the creation of our hands, we put a signature. hard to forget, as in real life, we sharpen his paintings in various documents, change it over the years,, We tried to isolate themselves by a conventional stroke.

And he loves the bosses "emphasize" the floor with his signature sheet. Yes, Yes! All this - the cost of vanity. The presence of the network is no exception, here, too, want to show your originality. But, Unfortunately, many do not know, how to make a signature to.

Let's find out, how to reflect under our "masterpieces" mark in the form of signatures. The matter is quite simple. And a few tips will help anyone perform this operation.

simple steps

To start, as any of the first-time users, make, that there is a connection with a worldwide network of Internet. Once connected to the desired forum, check the availability of the necessary features and user functional - "My Account", then "My Profile" or "Profile Settings", and so on.

Communication in any forum requires registration, without this in any way. After registration, go to "My Account", choose the "Profile" menu item, or "My Profile", name depends on the page. In this tab, specify the user data, ie your data. This option can always be found in left or right corner on the forum page. Open the option "Settings" or "user Information" you should enter "Change data".

There need to make changes, which can be two options, depending on the structure of the site.

  • The option called "Change captions" or "Change Signature", at pressing the right mouse button will open a new tab, where you want to add text, letter phrase yl, which will be reflected in the form of signatures.
  • In the "Your signature" you can enter a word or phrase, establish an avatar - a picture by entering a special code * img - the image address. Here the address of the image, file, wherein the requested object is, you want to pre-select and save to your computer. In the second case, there is an opportunity not only to put a signature in the form of words or phrases, but also to establish their own graphic - avatars, by which to recognize the user forum visitors. After introduction of the data, it remains only to click the option "Save". In this way, the answer to the question "How to make a signature to?"Will disappear by itself.

Opportunities Internet Resources

When set to "own" signature You can use various functions of image editing and font options. Want to specify bold and unusual characters, you are welcome, You want to subsequently change the signature look, you can always log in and make changes.

Setting a personal signature on the forums almost similar to each other set of features. The only difference between different social networks and forums can be a design registration in the site and the location of the necessary commands and items "Menu".

Doing artless work on amendments to the options and settings of pictures, Words and Phrases, You can be sure. You now know each interlocutor on social networks, where you put a signature. For some important, that stroke of the pen on paper, It was exactly the same and the Internet. No problems, on a pure white sheet, neat and beautiful sign it, scan and insert instead of a picture. Your painting in real life would be a good idea to look at the page and. Now you can tell your friends, and how to make a signature to. Good luck!

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