How to make a survey in contact?

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How to make a survey in contact

social networks, developers are trying to keep track of innovation and supplement the functions available on the pages of its users. So, It has recently been developed and implemented to conduct surveys in the contact groups.

Now administrators can create groups and conduct surveys online amongst participants, and then plan the work community, According to the results of the survey.

But how do you make a poll in the group? The answer is look below, in stepwise instructions from our website:

  1. select a theme, about which you want to ask members of the group. Let's, you want to arrange a meeting, but with time and date have not yet decided.
  2. Think of a question. Think carefully about answers.
  3. Go to group page. Click “Attach”. In the popup tool window choose “More...”.
  4. In the dialog box, click on the “Create survey”. Fits question stitches and answers. If you want to add rows, click “Add”.
  5. Set your privacy options. You can create an anonymous survey, then no one except you will not see the results. You can make votes public, to vote will automatically have access to the number of responses Voters.
  6. Check spelling and details. Press the button “Poison”. Now the survey is available to all members of the group on the wall.

How else do a poll in contact

  1. Go to discussions menu.
  2. Locate and click the “Create a theme”.
  3. Follow up to write an algorithm. Click “Attach” = > “Poll”. Fill in all the fields and rows and open access to it.
  4. In the thread at the top there is a line “Close poll”. Once the survey will lose its relevance, it can be removed, clicking this button.

That's how easy it is to solve the problem: how to make a survey in contact.

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