How to make your own soap

Recently, the market appears more and more different kinds of soap. Creating new companies, that bring new developments to our world. But often such products do not contain as many nutrients, as harmful. After all, every entrepreneur or large company trying to sell a product to their advantage, and the use of only natural substances in a shot on a budget.

In this regard, the market started to leave the usual residents, for which a soap is a favorite hobby. This article will consider, how to make soap at home without much difficulty. But first plunge into history.

There is a legend, soap appeared in Italy. Up Sapo, where in ancient times it was performed various rites, including the sacrifice. And the fat, which is released during combustion on a fire animals, a small stream flowed into the river Tiber. When the woman came to the shore, to wash and wash dirty laundry, manifested miraculous appearance. Water begins to foam, and smudges better resisted washing, exactly how people learned about the existence of soap. A product has obtained its name from the mountain, where there were sacrifices, from the Italian “sapone”.

Handmade soap

Мыло ручной работы

Handmade soap

As I said before, products, which comes on the market in large quantities it is often not the best quality. The whole thing in a large volume and a small budget. Manufacturers promise to its customers only the best, but in fact, such a product could have a harmful. The fact, that substitutes, which are used in the manufacture of soap are malicious in nature.

Accordingly, residents realize this and begin to cook the soap itself, often it is women, who have little free time. Some are beginning to sell their products, getting a good profit. Advantage of this product is excellent quality, which is felt after the first application. But, to prepare a good soap needs to know the basic technology and little secrets, We talk about this below. Even inexperienced readers will be able to cook great soap.

How to make soap at home. foundation

In total there are not many ways, with the help of which you'll have to cook the soap at home.

Hand soap can be prepared on the basis of children's products store. It is best to choose exactly it, tk. it does not contain so many harmful substances and foreign odor. Incidentally, to create your own scent, best to choose a soap-free dyes and flavorings.

In specialty stores, you can buy a soap base, which is colorless and odorless. This is a big plus, tk. you will be able to pick up the necessary ingredients, a little dream. There are two main types: Coconut oil (matt) and glycerol (transparent).

It is important to know, that soap-making is a complex process, that can harm human health, if he does not comply with basic safety rules. for example, in the manufacture of soap used aggressive lye, which is dangerous for the soft tissues.

How to make your own soap

our instruction is divided into 6 the main stages. So the reader can better assimilate the technology of preparation.

How to make your own soap

How to make your own soap

  • Preliminary preparation. The first thing you need to chop the soap base. For this purpose an ordinary knife or trowel medium grain.

     измельчите мыльную основу

    Chop the soap base

Next, the prepared foundation needed to melt, it can be done in two ways: using a water bath or a microwave oven. In the first case it is impossible to avoid contact and the contents heated plate.

Расплавьте основу

melt the base

The most important thing in the furnace foundations, it melted mass to a certain type. You need to wait until, until the contents became a little liquid.

How to make your own soap

How to make your own soap

The temperature should fluctuate around 60-70 degrees, but the content should not be in any case, to whom boil. Otherwise, the whole basis of spoiled and have to go to the store again. For monitoring the temperature using a conventional thermometer for liquid. And if you melt the base in the microwave, you'll need to periodically disable it, to give the content a little cool.

  • Mixing essences. At the beginning of cooking, it is recommended to add essences, tk. they directly affect the colors of soap base. for example, coconut, specially designed for the preparation of soap, It colors the soap base in pink. In the already heated mixture must enter the essence, which will give a delicious flavor of the finished product. for example, it can be a perfume, essential oil or ordinary spirits. You can also use natural ingredients, such as vanilla or honey.

    Добавьте эссенции

    Add essences

Essence, purchased in a specialty store and necessary for making soap products, It must be added for each quarter of a kilogram. Eventually, the final product should contain about two percent essences. Although the amount of natural flavoring can be an order of magnitude greater.

Before using any flavors make, that they fit exactly to your product and will not cause anybody allergic reaction.

  • The next step is to produce colored handmade soap. As the dye could be used anything. for example, You can use food coloring. But it is worth considering, they lose their color over time. Furthermore overabundance of such substances may affect badly on the general state soap. Already cooked product can stain the skin of hands and face during use. In any case, to use a large number of dyes – it is not profitable in material terms.

    Покрасьте изделие

    color product

  • other additives. If you want to, to your soap has other useful properties, it is necessary to add some more of the nutrients. It all depends on the goals. for example, a small amount of vegetable oil will moisturize the skin of the hand, and sugar or ground coffee will give your product a scrub effect. And, on 500 gram soap base is sufficient just one tablespoon of the beneficial agent.
  • Shaping. To give the soap the necessary form you will need a normal capacity. Suitable conventional cell from under the box, where there were chocolates. It can also be used for children or improvised molds. use all, that gets in your eyes. There is a caveat, which will help extracting the finished soap molds. Before, how to pour the foundation, must be carefully lubricated mold surface with corn oil or Vaseline.

    How to make your own soap

    How to make your own soap

Besides, You can use cookie cutters with a relief. For this type liquid in the pipette, which solidifies after some time and print any pattern on the bottom of the molds.

Заполните формочку

fill the mold

On the surface of soap can form small bubbles. To avoid this, sprinkle it with cold water or an alcohol solution. A few drops will be enough.

  • The final stage. After a few days, after the soap base has hardened, the product can be removed from the molds. Thanks to, that the surface of the mold was pre-lubricated, soap can be easily removed. In another case, have a little bother.

    Изделие готово

    Article available

Use popular trick: if soap still not be, then put it in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes. After that, the product splashed with boiling water, soap and then easily separated from the molds.

Now you know, how to make soap at home alone. This knowledge can be used in different ways. Someone is engaged in soap making as a hobby, while others earn money.

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