How to do the makeup yourself

Make-up is part of the daily procedures of most women. It consists of applying Foundation, tone of the face and eyebrows, make expressiveness of the eyes and lips. The right combination of techniques will help you to understand, how to do makeup beautiful.How to do makeup

General tips

first, the need to ensure good lighting. Many women do not attach any importance to this, choosing a place based on the availability of there mirrors. But then, having considered your make-up on the street with mirrors, they discover, he or overly bright, or Vice versa – too dim. To avoid this problem, make-up is necessary in daylight. However, bright sunlight is not suitable. If this is not possible, you should use a lamp, which would be evenly and optimally bright light.

Cost to monitor the, to make-up appropriate to the situation. So, working, evening and promenade make-up must be different. If a woman will use bright makeup and go to work, the risks look too vulgar. In the evenings during the regular holiday will also be inappropriate.

Many makeup artists suggest to apply makeup with your eyes open. It seems ordinary, however, when you use eyeliner or eye shadow women often turn a blind eye. Open also allows how to do makeup correctly, and better control of the process. You need to reject the head back, to be able to see your own eyelid.

How to do makeup natural? Makeup artists suggest applying after makeup to fix it with a special spray. They are called finishing. It will eliminate the effect of the mask, this make-up more natural. If such a spray no, you can use rose water.

You should definitely buy good quality brushes. In the Arsenal there should be at least 4 for the following purposes:

  • shadows – their application and feathering;
  • the use of powder;
  • the blush;
  • the imposition of Foundation.

Funds should use in their intended purpose. If you have a strong need, you can replace one to another, however, this is not recommended. For a perfect result it is necessary to use a full Arsenal of makeup. To give the face a little sunburn, you need to use a bronzer. He will give light and unobtrusive effect.

When applying the powder it is not necessary to overwork and use half of the available cosmetics. The layer must be made nearly transparent. It is best to use powder just there, where there is Shine. It can be T-zone and chin. So that we can avoid congestion cosmetics, and also to give the tinted effect.

Before applying makeup

learning, how to do makeup correctly, women often find, that not enough attention is paid to skin care. This is especially important before applying makeup. Wipe the face with toner and then cream is not enough. If you do not exfoliate the skin, the cosmetic product can fall unevenly. This is due to the fact, dead cells that interfere with the evenness of the terrain. To layer concealer has always been smooth and even, the use of scrub should be regular.

When peeling the skin, do not immediately apply the Foundation. Before that you need to apply balm or any other fat means. It should be left on 5 minutes, and then rinse with the tonic. You can then apply Foundation or concealer. This method applies in the case of, if lips peel. Fatty basis is not recommended, since the application of a Foundation will enhance the Shine. Moreover, if you use powder, it will roll down.

Foundation makeup

The basis is a very important step of applying makeup. At her expense he will have more exposure and will lay down exactly and beautifully. This is good to use a primer, but you can replace and cream for the face. However, not all creams are suitable, so you should pay attention to it when buying.Basis

It should ensure that, to borders Foundation was not noticeable. To do this, carefully shaded his. Special attention should be paid to the hairline. Don't forget about the ears. To test the color of Foundation is best for forehead. In this area women have is a darker skin tone. To impose costs only on the face. The color of the neck was smooth, should I use a powder-bronzer.

How to do makeup, to complexion was perfect? It is necessary to apply a primer or a special cream to the area of the folds, and on the border with him – carefully shade Foundation. This should be done with fingertips. So area your eyes look upbeat, you need to properly apply concealer. When masking dark circles under the eyes is caused the line to extend to the temples. Nasolabial folds in the toning mask is not recommended. Otherwise this site will be hard to stand out.

Concealer with reflective effect will help to give the eyes Shine, to hide signs of fatigue and to conceal bags under eyes. The tool has a soft, light structure, it is perfectly suitable for the masking of undesirable manifestations on the face. It is used with a special brush. To hide wrinkles, you need to use the opposite more dense concealer. This should be done under eye hollows.


The main task of Foundation is to camouflage skin imperfections. It needs to merge with it, and not to cover or create the appearance of sunburn. therefore, if the woman in the mirror sees, what layer of the Foundation is noticeable, this may mean, that means it is not suitable. The problem may be in shade or texture. It is therefore very important a responsible approach to the choice of the Foundation.

Unnatural the image add to the fact wrong application. An important point is the distribution – it should be horizontal and pass from the middle to the periphery, and not circles. Also do not forget about the chin. If you do not apply this cream, the makeup will look incomplete and unnatural.
How to choose the right shade of Foundation? You must first take into account natural complexion. The choice to do it is extremely difficult, because the rule does not apply to all women. Some contraindications to prefer the tone means the same color, as the skin. These include the owner of the skin to a pinkish hue. It will only make the skin more pink, giving way ridiculous.

The best shade of Foundation is a classic beige. It will make the redness of the face less noticeable, gonna trim my color. This will help the person not to appear inflamed. Brown or “tan” is strictly prohibited. To check, the suitability of the tool to skin color, you need to apply it on the cheek. It should blend with your own shade.

Wrong shade of Foundation is the main and most frequent error in its use. However, even a properly selected color does not guarantee a perfect result because of the change of the season. It means, purchased in the summer means suitable for tanned skin, but then it may be too dark. If you buy the cream in the winter, in the summer it will be too bright. This is most noticeable on the border of the contour of the face and neck due to the strong difference in their tones.

Use blush

With age, the skin also ages women, getting more pale shade. Sometimes it can even have an earthy tone. Therefore, women of age should pay special attention to, how to do makeup correctly. This will help to refresh the overall appearance. At this age it is especially important to use a blush. They will help to create a healthy glow on the cheeks, and also to adjust the shape of the face. This effect will be noticeable even in the photo.

To choose the tone you need, based on the natural color of the skin. This will give a natural final image. Blondes and brunettes with pale skin are advised to give preference to soft pink and peach tones. The owners of dark skin and dark hair it is better to opt for beige or brown blush. Girls with red hair will suit peachy pink or dark shades of terracotta.The blush

In the selection and use of blush will be useful the following tips:

  1. A dark blush visually aged skin, so they must be used with caution. They are suitable for those girls, who want to look older, than they are. These shades will add from 5 to 10 years old.
  2. Rejuvenating effect, lighter shades not only blush, but all the makeup.
  3. It is recommended to use a peach shade, it is more versatile.
  4. To give a healthy glow to the skin, can be over the top bright blush, apply a colorless lip gloss.

The most popular are the pink blush. They give freshness to the face. No harm and easy application on the eyelid, that will create a more seamless look. However, those women, natural skin color which is pink, want to avoid that tone. For they fit or coral colored tea rose.

Use blush to give a healthy pink hue to the skin. However, if you do it wrong, you can get a very unpleasant effect, called matryoshka. This happens because of too much money and the wrong color. for example, it can be brown or orange blush. They absolutely look unnatural on my face, not looking like a beautiful blush after frost.

Apply the product with a brush from the box should not be. Need to buy a special brush, used by professionals. They are designed for modeling and shading. That blush looked natural, you can apply them in the form of the letter V on the cheeks. To get started is to hold the brush to the center, and then up to the temples. For best accuracy, you should smile. Besides, you can apply the product along your cheekbones oval. After you need to feather. To know exactly, where to apply blush, cheeks should be drawn. Need to trace the resulting contour.

Additional funds

To give radiance to the skin, a special makeup is best applied along the contour. It looks more natural. If over blush, can be used for these purposes, a little lipstick to give the right tone.

learning, how to do makeup, woman finds, without the highlighter the way shining to do will not work. This product contains components, reflect light, due to which the skin “shines”. She also looks healthy, rejuvenated, and the wrinkles become less noticeable. Highlighter should be applied to:

  • the area under the eyebrows;
  • line over blush;
  • the middle of the chin;
  • the center of the forehead;
  • under the lower lip.

If you want to hide the effects of acne or scars, necessary concealer. It needs to be a tone lighter natural skin color. This will help to raise the scars and to lighten their.

The main error in the use of cosmetics is an excess of tone. It occurs, when a woman tries too hard to make a person perfect. She puts layers of corrector, base, concealer, powder, blush and other means, that looks unnatural. Besides, this effect is obtained, if too often, to refresh makeup throughout the day, doing this on top of already existing layer. Because of this, the skin becomes dry and flakes off. Wrinkles become more noticeable, which leads to the visual aging. Makeup immediately turns into a thick mask, it peels off and loses its former natural.

Such trouble does not arise, layer corrector should be as thin as possible. To put it is only in necessary places. In summer it is better to avoid the use of concealer, in order to prevent excessive Shine. You can instead apply loose powder with a large brush. If the person still has an unnatural Shine, it is better to remove a layer of concealer. This is best done with a damp cloth or cleanser to remove make-up. After that, as the face dries, you can apply a new layer of makeup.

Eye shadow

How to do eye makeup correctly? An important point this kind of make-up is their form. Many do not consider this feature, what makes this part of the face to look extremely ridiculous. So, small and narrow eyes be visually less. Disadvantages of close-set eyes not corrected with makeup, although it is quite possible. It concerns and widely spaced. With the help of the shadows you can fix these errors.Eyeshadow

The best Foundation for make-up eyes are a light shade. They need to distribute across the century, and already then to apply the desired color. So the cosmetics will last much longer. If you have used too much powder, it is possible to spray the face thermal water. This will give the skin a natural look. To adjust the shape of the eyes, you need to follow a simple set of rules:

  1. Extension look. For this you need to use a darker shade. They should be applied to the area as the lower, and upper eyelid.
  2. To narrow the eyes. This is especially true for wide-set eyes. A similar effect can be achieved, if draws dark pigment on the inner corners.
  3. The shade must be carefully shaded. This will make the color transition more smooth and neat. Between two or more types of shadow boundaries should be clear.

Do not apply too much eye shadow. The quantity must be small. Need to drop a special brush into the cosmetic, and then lightly shake off. Then you can gently apply the eye shadow layers. Their number depends on the desired brightness. To apply them is from the inside to the outside, aiming to his head.

Hydration of the skin should occur several hours before the beginning of the creation of the makeup. If the cream was applied recently, you can remove the excess with a tissue and lightly powder. If you do not, the shadows will fall unevenly and rolled after a short period of time, will appear a crease on the upper eyelid.

The best shadows are considered dry and dull. They stay longer, especially if it's summer makeup. Dark matte is applied to the outer corner, that will give the look of extraordinary depth. We should be careful when using bright eye shadow with mother of pearl. If you put them on the outside, you can see all the wrinkles. Better to lay them on the inner corner. it, conversely, will add freshness and openness eyes.

To facilitate the creation of eye makeup, you can follow the following tips:

  1. If the shade crumbled, you can use to eliminate foam applicator.
  2. Below the shadows are not pushed, it does not apply eye cream on the eyelid.
  3. To make beautiful smoky eyes, need to apply concealer under the eye before the use of mascara. This will help, if the shade will begin to crumble.
  4. Degreasing of the skin on the eyelids prevents sloughing of shadows. It must be done in advance with matting napkins.
  5. The first thing you need to do just eye makeup. After, you can adjust the tone, to apply powder and blush. This is done because, in case of an error while make-up eyes, you can quickly fix it, and not to redo everything.


learning, how to do eye makeup, many women realize, what's wrong wearing mascara. The brush need to move the Z-shaped from the roots of the lashes to the tips. This method helps to give eyes a wide-open view. Besides, using mascara can give the eyes almond-shaped slit. This brush need to move diagonally to the outer corner. To give volume, you can first use the eyelash curler.

Do not apply too many layers. The day will be enough, a night or two. Otherwise, lashes will stick together. To avoid this, you can also use a special comb. If you want to twist the lashes, you should use the brush. It must be locked for a few moments at the roots. Carcasses should not be too much. Otherwise it will crumble, spoiling the whole make-up.

If short lashes, they can lengthen, using a powder without color. For this you need to paint one layer, then use a brush to layer it. When you need to apply another coat of mascara. If the powder will crumble, it can be easily removed with a cotton swab. This applies to remnants of mascara on the skin. They are easily erased with a stick with cotton wool, if you let them dry out. It will take 2-3 minutes. If you do it earlier, the tool will be smeared.Mascara

If eyes were very watery when you try to tint the corners of the eyeliner, you can use this instead of mascara. It should be applied on a cotton swab, and then distribute on the right areas.

Eyeliner and pencil

To visually enlarge the eyes, do not have to apply a thick layer of eyeliner. This broad range makes the image extremely unnatural. Extended slightly at the outer corner of the line will be enough. However, you should be careful with liquid eyeliner. If a woman does not know how to use it correctly, it is better to abandon such cosmetics. An alternative could be an ordinary black eyeshadow. They can apply a beveled brush. For best effect, you can pre-moisten a brush in water. Using this method, the line would be much smoother.

If a woman wants to make a line from the top, and below, then they must shade. Clear eyeliner around the eyes looks unnatural. It should also avoid use of product on the inner side of the eyelid. It will only reduce the size of the eye. Moreover, this type of makeup just harmful to the eyes due to the fact, what color cosmetics will be directly in contact with the eyeball.

Especially this kind of makeup is contraindicated for women with small and narrow eyes. Better at this point to make a line with eyeliner on the top outer lashes, and then feather. This will make your eyes more. It is worth remembering, what eyeliner should end exactly under the tip of the eyebrow. Then the line should not go. If you want to make the eyes the focus, its end can be slightly raised.

How to do eye makeup? To do this, follow these tips:

  • for greater openness of opinion you need to make a line along the inside of the lower eyelid, using white eyeliner;
  • to visually expand the eye, need with the back of the eye, put a small dot of red color;
  • for, arrow came out beautiful, need to draw it as a continuation of the lower eyelid, using a pencil;
  • for evenness and lack of errors when applying makeup on eyes, you can stick a strip of tape to the outside;
  • before eye makeup can be applied to the moving part of the primer, to prevent rolling;
  • base should be applied only to clean skin, so use a concealer on the eyelid is not recommended to avoid lumps;
  • to lift the corners of the eyes, you can apply dark shadow in the shape of a triangle, looking up, and the lower eyelid is not touched at all;
  • for emphasis small eyes use a shade of dark pigment on the outside of the eye, while emphasizing on the bottom with a pencil.

Of makeup techniques for eyes

The most common techniques for eye makeup are:

  • smoky eyes;
  • horizontal;
  • vertical;
  • banana.

Smoky eyes is one of the most popular methods of make-up eyes. It is achieved by emphasizing the area of the dark tone, which you then have to feather. To do makeup smoky eyes, must:

  1. To spend dark lines on both eyelids.
  2. Shade them with a brush.
  3. Apply gray and black eye shadow.
  4. On the edge of the applied light shades, to make the border colors as inconspicuous as possible. They also need to feather.

Quite popular is the horizontal makeup. It consists in the fact, to apply makeup along the slit. Vertical is a brightening age. A light shade is applied from the beginning to the brow. In the middle is a white line, which is then gently go in a dark color.

A technique called the banana is not a common, but popular with makeup artists. Even if the name seems unfamiliar, method used at home many women. It is a rounded end of the arrow. Because of this technique and received its name. The line is drawn on the crease of the eyelid.

eyebrow makeup

Do your makeup without making your brows the desired kind will not work. Many forget about them, however, this makes the image incomplete. The most frequent errors in relation to eyebrows are:

  • improper form;
  • incorrectly selected color;
  • no special fixing means;
  • overly plucked.

The shape of the eyebrows it is recommended to do a professional. To do this, simply join the salon for correction. When the master will make the necessary and appropriate specific woman's shape, it will be possible to support at home. To create it, it is necessary to raise the elevation, and then tick. From this line it is necessary to lower the brow down. The contour to do with the help of shadows, the color was more natural.Eyebrow shaping

Before, how to start a painting, eyebrows need to comb. Then with a brush or need a special pencil to make a thin line at the bottom. Strokes and then draw the desired arc. This is done for growth of hairs. Solid lines lead to unnatural image.

The eyebrow should begin from the very dark places. It is the area of the curve. Next you need to handle the tip. Only then can you begin the staining of the whole eyebrow. This must be done with careful motions towards the nose. This technique will increase the openness of the view and will not overload the makeup.

For colouring the eyebrows and use dark shadows. They need to apply so, below it was painted hairs, not leather. If a woman has too much color, it is possible to feather makeup to remove brightness.

This is especially true of blonde girls. They should pay special attention to, how are their eyebrows in particular make-up. If the focus is on the eyes, eg, when using the technique of smoky eyes, and the eyebrows should stand out. Otherwise, they simply will not be visible and creates the effect of “no eyebrows”. To avoid such a situation you need to adjust the region by using a gray or brown pencil. Need to tint the hairs in their growth, necessarily then feather.

If eyebrows are too rare, the thickness can be increased with the help of concealer. It should be applied there, where you can see the skin, and then apply the usual makeup for eyebrows. Concealer will help the makeup to stick better and to be more visible. To see the maximum shape of the eyebrows, you need to comb them down, not up. It will also show the position of the highest point.

To emphasize the eyebrows need to properly. You need to have in the Arsenal a set of shadows, which will have all the necessary shades. The easiest way would be using a pencil. One of its components is a wax, which helps to keep the shape for a longer period.

An important step is to ensure a smooth transition. For this to apply light matte shade, and then shade. This technique will create a smooth perfect arc. If his eyebrows are dark and thick, their color is not correct you need. It will be enough of the correct form and fixing.

Lip pencil

How to make lips smooth and beautiful? This will help to use a pencil. With it, a path is created, to form the lip was perfect, and the lipstick was in clear boundaries.. Lips can be increased in volume with a pencil.

However, you should be very careful when using the product. If you choose the wrong color, especially if it is darker than the lipstick, the loop will be too noticeable. This will look very unnatural. Using a pencil can be a bit visually enlarge the volume of lips. It takes a little to go abroad, outlining the contour of the skin. However, if you overdo it with this method, the makeup will look ugly.

To draw the contour of the lips correctly, you need to do it from the middle and carry out to the corners. If you want to increase the volume, you can draw it just above the border of the lips. Came out too bright or unevenly, then you can clean the brush to hold the contour, that the shade became lighter. When, when do I need to remove it, you can apply powder on top. After traces of the lip pencil comes off easily.

Special attention should be paid to the color of the lip pencil. He should be ideally suited to the shade of lipstick. Should stop your choice on the color, which is either the same, like lipstick or gloss, either for a darker tone. Do not use brown pencil in combination with coffee color lipstick. It will look very ridiculous.

If you make the path smooth does not work, you can use the following method. First apply the lipstick, before reaching the border, and then a pencil to finish to the desired shape. Besides, it should not be too much confined. The stylus can be blunt about a napkin.


The final element acts as a lipstick. So it went smoothly, in the beginning you need to apply lip gloss. With it, the lip will be easier to paint, as they will become softer. For this purpose you can use glitter under a matte lipstick. Smudge it with your fingers, and for removing the surplus would be enough normal tissue.Apply the lipstick with a brush

In addition to the use and rastushevyvaniya white pencil, plump lips can make lip gloss. For this purpose it is necessary to apply to the middle of the lower lip, that will make them more sensual. Directly lipstick is best applied with a brush. So you can monitor the saturation and density of cosmetics, since the brush will form a shade layer by layer.

It is very important to ensure, what shade of lipstick to apply. Too dark, eg, visual can age the face. This is due to the fact, are the nasolabial folds, that leads to focusing attention on the disadvantages of the skin, and teeth. Therefore, when choosing it is best to give preference to light by sudovym tones or neutral gloss.

It will look ugly makeup, which combines the expressive eyes and bright lips. It can only be good for podiums or photos, when its done professionaly and colors are combined correctly. In everyday life this make-up is best to avoid. Otherwise, it will not only look tacky, but visually add a few years. Therefore it is necessary to focus on one thing.

In fashion now bright and dark shades, however, they do need to be careful. First of all, they are not suitable for thin lips, for visually further reduce their. Secondly, traces of such colors are best visible on the teeth, that looks very unattractive.
This is especially important if you use matte lipsticks. If you want to make accent on the lips, it is better to use bright, rich luster. They will be less aggressive, and give the amount due to its structure. If the choice is still fell on the lipstick, it is better to apply with a brush for better control.

Correct beautiful makeup will help you look good at any age. To do this properly, apply makeup, combine colors and choose shades according to the event. Emphasis can be done on the lips or on the eyes.

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