How to make beautiful bows of ribbons with their hands

Bow - a popular interior decor and elegant hairstyles, bright accent, in the women, and in the men's suit, decoration and gift box, and elegant bouquet. Bows can be produced from a variety of materials, all colors and sizes. You can own hands to make as simple classic bow, and the construction of a completely unimaginable complexity.
Depending on the imagination of the manufacturer and the material used, you can make a bow of ribbon in several ways.

Make a bow from satin ribbon

option 1

classic bow. For it need any width satin ribbon and scissors. The tape is composed in such a way, to both sides, it turned, a cock, symmetrical relative to the middle. Next, cross loop, and a ring formed between one of the skipped stitches - obtained nodule. It is possible to fix a few stitches. For those, who have already mastered the classic bow, I do not have the option of two, and four loops, and tie them in the same manner.

option 2

Satin bow hairstyle. It would take a pair of scissors and three pieces of tape harvested. Best fit wide ribbon. Two strips are cut long strips 30-40 cm, and the third will be short – it will serve to intercept mid. Each of the long segments fold in half, prisborivaetsya and fixed thread. Then they are fastened together with adhesive, a third connection point is covered, a narrow segment. The resulting ribbon sewn to Hairpin, Now it can be used when creating hairstyles.

option 3

Bow of five tapes. It takes five equal segments beautiful satin ribbon. Than it will be wider, all the better. Each of them will need to fold in half, and strung on a string across the middle. The ends must be is gathered for beauty. With the other four segments need to do likewise: folded in half and thread the needle through them with the same thread. To bow turned even more fluffy and beautiful, you can take five segments tapes, but narrower, and string them in the same way on the same thread. At the end of the whole "garland" pulled together in the center, in the middle of a large reinforced bead or decorative flower.

option 4

Gift bow. Make a bow of ribbon and decorate them a gift - simple. Here you can stay as classic version, and on the extravagant. the main thing, that was a big bow and harmoniously looked on gift box. The beads are suitable as jewelry, rhinestones (sit on the glue), mishura, special decorative ribbon, sequins etc. Satin ribbon beautiful in itself, but if you use several pieces of different colors, it is possible to obtain an excellent effect.

Make a bow from a nylon tape

Nylon belt - perfect material for bows. By manufacturing technique nylon ribbons can be absolutely identical bow of satin tape. However, they will look very different. They will be even more magnificently, special, if you use multiple tapes at once. In this case, nylon ribbons are characterized by their lightness and ease, thus very popular as a decoration for children's hairstyles. the main thing, should always remember: to make a bow of ribbon, We need to exert maximum fancy and accuracy.

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