How to make a purse with his own hands?

think, what to do with his own hands a purse - it's a waste of time? think, why suffer, if you can buy it in the store. Can, this is so. But, trust, make a purse does not useless thing. After all, it is made to your preference. Number of pockets, Colour, drawing - all, as you like. A gift for mom, made by hand, what could be nicer. We have seen? Then we proceed to action.

How to make a purse out of paper?

Let's do universal wallet. It opens on two sides, but the money squeezed ribbons. To make it clearer, read the instructions, which describes all the actions in steps.

  • Take a thick cardboard (you can book cover) and measure the size of the purse, eg, width - 8.5 cm, length - 10 cm. There should be four quadrangles.
  • cut them.
  • Take a wide thin strip and divide it into three long strips of 15 cm.
  • select images, what like, and wrap them four cartons separately.
  • Lay all the pieces face down, Spend three lines on them so, that one was in the middle, and two others, departing from each end of 2 cm.
  • Now assemble the first half of the purse. One part of the turn face down. To glue the wrong side of the ends of the ribbons, securing their paper squares, leaving tails. Then, the entire surface of promazhte glue and apply it to the front of the. Deliver the goods, that the parties are well stuck.
  • Glued on half purse, when it dries, Put a third of the face-down. The ribbons are between halves.
  • Crisscross tape and glue the third portion in the same manner, the previous ones. Only well pull them. Also promazhte glue and attach the last part. Put the load on the whole purse. Excess adhesive periodically remove.

When the wallet is dry, it will be possible to use it.

How to make a purse from a fabric?

In addition to paper, for, to make a purse with his own hands, You can use a thick cloth.
so, getting started.

  1. Prepare tissue, lining, lace and a round frame with a fastener, that can buy or rent from an old purse.
  2. Make a pattern on paper. Cut out of her parts, which should be two, on the backing and underlying tissue.
  3. Sew on the sewing machine parts. Then each piece of lining fabric glue board in the middle.
  4. Remove the base fabric and hide it in the lining. Otutyuzhte.
  5. Now sew the upper edge, making folds.
  6. The fastener insert purse.
  7. The slit lace shove, not all, and only the desired segment. Then tighten the metal plates of pliers.
  8. Decorate the purse, if there is such a need. Everything.

In the same way, you can make a purse with his own hands with a zipper. Only in this version, it will be a rectangular. This option is also good, it will look, as a factory. In such pockets the purse can be positioned within, and outside.
In fact, options for making the house a lot of purse. You are free to dream up and come up with its original appearance.

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