How to make a compliment man

Quite sore problem among girls – how to make a compliment to the guy right? Of course, Many women worry about it, want to please her lover, but in fact only need to be myself, at least the only way to really find your soul mate. If you are still wondering this issue, read on. This article analyze, how to make a compliment to the man properly, so as not to offend and not spoiled it. About tom, how to make a girl a compliment, you can learn here, Let's talk about men.

It should begin with, that many women themselves often complain, that their man is absolutely not pay attention to them, He does not tell them nice words. also about feeling the guy, which lacks focus, so, to maintain a pleasant and successful relationship, both partners are obliged to make compliments to each other. And if you just like the guy, it will be enough, that you will emphasize its appearance.

How to make a compliment to the man properly

How to make a compliment man

How to make a compliment man

scientists have proved, that person becomes happier, if it increases self-esteem, of course, within reasonable limits. Should not appear delusions of grandeur. Person, who loves himself, trying to notice the positive traits in other people, so it is much nicer to communicate, he becomes sympathetic and friendly conversationalist. And vice versa, person, which is not to hear compliments, even from his mother, gets tough, rough, starts to be rude to everyone you meet.

If you do not want, to your young man was among such people, then give it enough attention.

Men love, when they are paying attention on their character, ie. talk about resistance, pride, purposefulness. But sometimes it is worth mentioning and external quality, such as growth, force, virility, etc.. A lot depends on the men, he's like every person on Earth is individual and unique, it is worth emphasizing the way in the first place. Tell him about his personal qualities, which no one else, remember some of his achievements, that he is proud.

Beautiful compliments beloved

A man can be compared with radar, He also picks up all of the words, said his side. Therefore, carelessly uttered phrase could offend him for a long time, and you will not even suspect, something happened. Incidentally, if a girl sees a compliment as a praise, then the man that sounds like a call to action. for example, you said, that your guy is very thrifty (for someone and it is a compliment), then he will immediately begin to show similar qualities: will wash dishes for a, to return home early, etc..

Красивые комплименты

beautiful compliments

Another point, which is worth paying attention to – never flatter the male half. They feel lies at a distance of a kilometer, and then you will have a very long time to apologize, in the best case, you will feel very uncomfortable.

It is best to emphasize in a man of his rare qualities. In secret, he sure is proud of this facet of his character, you will just have to give a hint about it, and then the guy himself think out everything for you. Besides, men sensitive to sexual relations, here it is important not to hurt your partner, otherwise it will have an impact on you. for example, you said your boyfriend, that it does not satisfy you sexually. After that, he will not confident, be afraid of displeasing, in the end the result will be even worse. Much better, when she encourages and praises your soul mate. Then the man will feel Apollo, before which no one can stand. And then the sex will be much better, and the man will be happy. Here plays a big role psychology, Be very careful with the words.

The best compliments a man

Of course, best compliments, uttered from the lips of a girl, those, which sound sincerely. Never mind, that you will emphasize in a man, it will read between the lines of your feelings and sincerity. But if it does not work, and it is often, it would be nice to mention the success of, which reached the man. it is essential for men to feel successful and necessary. for example, we can say the following phrase: “As well, you're here. Without you I would never have coped!” or “You're the man, you know better. You're better than me decide this issue!”. Tell a man like, and he will adore you. trust, after some time, in response pour plenty of compliments, and maybe gifts.

Лучшие комплименты

The best compliments

Men are the stronger beings, but at the same time very sensitive. One needs only to go to the right side, that the girls good at. Speaking compliments, Try playing partner straight in the eye, select the appropriate tone, the guy did not think, you're lying. If a man accidentally interrupt you, let it be said, He will appreciate it. A decent man even apologize afterwards and give you a word.

Girls need to know two fundamental things: in any case it is impossible to abuse their weakness and compliments. If you often praise their partner, He will take it for granted, ie. it will cease to please him. Besides, if you stop paying attention to it, he did take offense. But do not forget the compliments worth, we said, than it can turn to your pair.

by the way, making a compliment, do not forget to emphasize the various advantages of his men, I did not dwell constantly on the same. Otherwise, your words will sound out of tune.

compliments man. What else to say?

It should touch the question, jokes concerning men. If you ever liked a guy, but his sense of humor is disgusting to you, it is best to immediately understand him so. So you do not give him the extra hope, but otherwise you can still blame and.

But, if you admire her beloved jokes, you will certainly speak to him about it. it's desirable, to your words came with a twist, but the suit and has long beaten compliments. At the same time pay attention to the behavior of men, study his. So you can understand quickly, how to behave in his company, it's also a lot of important.

by the way, there is a statement of fact, that men with childhood remain places, from which they are crazy. speech, of course, we are talking about words. for example, if as a child my mother called son as “handsome.”, something from you it would sound very nice. And vice versa, if it is for him to childhood trauma, it is better not to mention such expressions.

A man must feel at ease, otherwise he will be annoyed and will deny all the compliments, said his side. It would be unpleasant to him or, nor feel you Give the guy, he soul of the company, and you enjoy to communicate with him, only then proceed to compliments.

Do not forget, that the man, like any other human being has individual character, want to learn. Everyone has weaknesses, touching that, you will make a man happy.

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