How to make a star of paper volume with his own hands, origami: diagrams and instructions

Как сделать из бумаги объемную звездуWhen coming to a festival and you want to give your family or friends anything unusual, or just some free time, you can feel free to devote to their children and work out with them something interesting, perfect solution will, eg, make a star out of the volume of paper with his own hands, the more that exercise is not too difficult, and ways how to make such crafts abound. Consider a couple of the most simple of them.

Star Bulk paper guide

To make bulk star in this manner, you will need a paper glue stick, colored paper, scissors and a pencil.

Объемная звезда из бумаги

After the hand already has all the necessary material can begin to the process:

  • To begin, draw on colored paper, selected color five identical parts :Начертить пять одинаковых деталей
  • Then in the intended place of each of the parts necessary to bend smoothly and accurately.Складываем деталь
  • Due to these manipulations, you should have 5 identical parts.Получаем пять частей
  • Then take each piece in turn and glue them together with barrels, ie follows:Склеиваем детали
  • After that, all items will be glued should get a very beautiful volume of paper star.Звездочка готова

How to make paper origami star volumetric

Using origami paper art star volumetric done without using glue. In order to make it would be necessary only square pieces of paper, and their number should be equal to eight, as the eight-pointed star, a little more care to work and manual dexterity. And so in order, to make three-dimensional star with their hands should be prepared 8 identical parts, parts of future products, what should perform the following steps:

  1. Fold in half diagonally sheet to indicate the middle. Then turn off the corners of a square sheet the middle, as if going to make airplane.Шаг 1
  2. Then also the side midway turn off corners on the opposite side.Шаг 2
  3. Then the top, the resulting diamond stars of the future volume of paper bend, as shown in the diagram, first in one direction then the other:Шаг 3
  4. Then again reverses and turns the corner of the diamond to the other side and bend the bottom apex of the rhombus strip marked from left to right.Шаг 4
  5. Area first upper vertex bends, then expand so, To obtain a figure as shown in Figure:Шаг 5
  6. As a result of all the above steps correctly executed turns first Circuits. Similarly, manufactured and seven other parts of the future bulk stars.Шаг 6
  7. The next step is the most responsible, because it begins assembly of stars. To do this, one way, namely, the area of the box – the details of the first part should be placed in the pocket of the second part.Шаг 7
  8. Then, in the same way necessary to successively connect all of the remaining parts to each other, followed by an eight-pointed star is the bulk of the paper will be ready.Шаг 8

How do you have time to make sure the volume a star with his own hands is very simple and easy, and the finished product can safely give to all the New Year's holidays, days lovers and defenders of the fatherland, and just as little Souvenir, create yourself.

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