How to make a vote, "In Touch"?

Social networks as part of our lives, now imagine it without them is simply impossible. One of the most popular is the "contact", it is not surprising, because the network is not only to communicate, but also to ask for advice on the means of voting, it is not surprising, that many wonder, how to vote "In Touch"?

Voting "In Touch" is a convenient tool, allows to consult with other users on any issues:

  • Which phone is better to buy.
  • What to do in free time.

    voting Vkontakte

    voting Vkontakte

  • What movie to watch and from watching what should be abandoned.

This way of communicating really like not only visitors to social networks, but moderating, who can make a difference, receiving and analyzing the information received. Not so long ago there was a feature, which allows you to post polls in their own page or in a group, that can add traffic. So now we will try to deal with the, how to vote "In Touch".

The sequence of creating a survey

In fact, very easy to create a poll. All that is required - is to click on the window, "What's new with you?», situated on a personal page. This is followed by cursor on the "Attach", Go to the "Other" and choose the "Poll". If we consider the entire sequence in more detail, it will look like this:

  • The form first opens, designed to create a poll, which proposes to introduce the topic to the survey, answers and go in anonymous mode in case, if you want to remain anonymous.
  • Also to vote you can attach music, picture, video or document. For these purposes, a button "Attach".

In order to create a poll in a group all the same manipulations necessary to perform, and that the wall. true, for the group, there is one rule, which states that, polls that it can only create an administrator group.

How effectively a vote?

Start Poll "In Touch" that's half the battle, it is also necessary to make effective. Therefore, we examine the factors, that will affect the interest of users:

  • First of all, subjects should be appropriate. It means, that if the group is dedicated to floral design or decoupage, it is unlikely that its members would be interested in what - that of technical progress, and gamers are unlikely to vote for needlework and cookery.
  • The second stage – the design. If possible you should add to the poll pictures, since this will attract more attention to it. It is also worth to think in advance answers.
  • And last, but not the most important aspect - it is anonymous. Many visitors do not wish to disclose his identity, so in some matters we need to put a special tick, which will help to avoid undesirable consequences.

I want to believe, that after reading this article, did you understand, as do a survey, "In Touch" and now it's easy to use this tool, provided absolutely free to test public opinion. In order to distribute a survey on the social network, you can copy it to friends page, which will involve more people in it. All you need to do - is to ask friends to put the "Like" and "Share". With these repost any poll quickly circled the entire social network, which will allow to know the opinion of more people, as well as to attract additional respondents in the group.

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