How to make a paper boat

Today my son came from the garden, holding a few white and colored paper boats. Of course, I was curious, how he got them to lay down, because I myself do not know how to do it. He told me everything and showed, I hasten to share his new experience with you in a step by step photo instructions for making paper boat!

For, to make a boat out of paper with his own hands, we will only need one sheet of A4 paper. white or color - at your discretion. I have it white.

so, fold the sheet in half (a photo 1).


For, to denote the middle. By the middle of gently on both sides of the corners of bends (a photo 2),


To get here are triangles. Now with two sides remaining bends of the sheet to triangles (a photo 3),


We turn over the sheet and bends a second part in another direction (a photo 4).


Now we need to take a blank paper boat and out as if to stretch her (a photo 5),


and then folded paper boat (a photo 6).

The process of making a paper boat

The result was a diamond, the edges of which have to bend in such a way, came again to the triangle (a photo 7-10)

The process of making paper boats with their hands

The process of making a paper boat independently

Paper ship with their own hands

Make a boat made of paper.

After all done manipulation in your hands will be here such a tight triangle (a photo 11, 12).

Triangle of paper

Triangle of paper

from the inside it looks like this (a photo 13).

Paper ship with their own hands

This triangle should take opposing corners and bring them together (similar way, as in the photo 5) (a photo 14).

Boat made of paper

As a result, we again obtain a rhombus (a photo 15).

Rhombus paper

The upper corners of his need to take and gently spread in different directions, inside it seems almost triangular inner portion of the finished paper boat made independently. On (a photo 16) disclosure shows the process.

Almost ready to ship from a paper with his own hands

Gently continue to spread our ship (a photo 17, 18) until complete disclosure.

Boat made of paper

Boat made of paper

That turned so beautiful paper boat of A4 sheet – th format (a photo 19).

Paper ship with their own hands

Boat made of paper on the technique of origami with your hands you can colorize, You can be pasted on his pictures, and it can itself be used as a bulk application element (a photo 20).

Ready boat made of paper with his own hands

We tried all the options! Tomorrow is going to run them into the nearest puddle. Our ships are ready to sail! And your?

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