How to make more subscribers VKontakte - you need to know?

Social network Leader in attendance Russian sites is the social network "Vkontakte". Many users on the network use my page as an advertising platform for the promotion of the site. To attract traffic to a website via "Vkontakte", do subscribers. Therefore, it is important to know many webmasters, how to make more subscribers "Vkontakte".

How to increase the number of subscribers in the network?

Novelty "Vkontakte" is the ability to convert the application to add to friends in subscribers. In this way, increasing the number. To this end, it is recommended to get more bids on friendship. To do this, let them know about yourself, leaving comments different requests and wishes. Further applications for the friendship turn into subscribers. Soon their number will be increased.
There are "Vkontakte" such groups, through which you can add new friends. It is also allowed to add different comments and suggestions. If necessary,, possibly, select multiple applications for friendship, sending them your offer, to add as friend. On the day you can do about twenty such requests. Initially advised to carefully view the pages of user data, taking into account the age of the, view.

Games and increase the number of subscribers

How to make more subscribers in "Vkontakte", I know not many users of the network. It turns out one of the most simple and affordable methods to address this issue are games. However, this method is considered slower and more laborious. The network has a number of different proposals, the most popular of them can gather around him a million players. They have to be friends with each other.Subscribers through a forum
Such proposals must be installed on your personal page. You need to go to the game 10-20 level, so the other players will see, what beginner – real player. A prerequisite of this method is to join the community of game data. As soon as the beginner will actively play, he will be able to chat with other players. Soon will come the proposal to add as friend. Importantly do not forget to transfer friends subscribers.

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