How to make your own 3d-glasses?

Today, probably, No modern man, who would not know, what 3d-image. If you do not visit theaters, the internet, probably, use. He's just overwhelmed pictures, movies and cartoons in 3d - format. agree, interesting to look at the Earth and other planets in the volume. To see this, need stereo - glasses. In the cinema, they give, and for the house, you can buy or make a 3d-glasses with their hands.

3-dimensional image or what science says?

The possibilities of our brain, and our view is not fully understood by science, and rather mysterious. but, Man gets their "misleading" Three-dimensional image of science is defined as stereoscopy. Under a stereoscopic means any kind of technique, which is capable of recording visual information in 3d format or creates an optical illusion (illusion) depth pictures. Just one of the types of equipment and are 3d glasses or anaglyph glasses.

How to make a stereo glasses with their hands?

spectacles, made yourself, do not take it with you to the cinema. They are suitable for home viewing.

  1. Take unnecessary points. They may be ordinary or sun. Release the rim of the lens.
  2. Find a transparent plastic film, eg, by the bottle or case of discs. Stroke her lens on shot glasses.
  3. Cut two lenses.
  4. One lens to paint blue marker, and the other - red.
  5. Insert the red lens in the left frame, and blue - to the right.
  6. Check Points in action, Look at the picture in the 3d-format.

On a note: paint marker is necessary only on one side smooth horizontal lines. Before you insert into the glass frame, they should dry.

How to make a 3d-glasses made of paper?

To make a 3d-glasses made of paper, you need:

  • transparent plastic;
  • cardboard;
  • universal glue;
  • markers: blue and red;
  • ruler;
  • hot water;
  • scissors;
  • elastic.


  • to produce a frame. Measure the width of the face. Cardboard draw a straight line, divide it in half, note jumper size. Now draw a frame for the desired shape of the lens and a second such, each one povtoryayuschuyusya. cut and, fold in half, verify that the. Such frames should be four.
  • Draw on paper lens shape rim. To transfer the pattern on plastic.
  • cut lens, they must be perfectly straight. To facilitate this action, Plastic should be lowered in hot water for five minutes.
  • Colorize glass in red and blue.
  • While glass dry, finish frame. Four parts purpose adhesive glue together pairwise. You should receive two identical frames. For beauty, gouache paint them, and then paint.
  • Stick the glass to the first frame, and then apply the glue on the second part. As a result, the glass will be between.
  • attach elastic. Look stylish glasses, if it is wide.

not pereputayte: for the left eye - a red lens, and to the right - blue.

Now you know, and you know, what to do 3d - glasses with their hands not hard.
at last, must notify, what to watch movies through the stereo - Points can not all. They are contraindicated for people, who have an eye disease, the nervous system, and children up to six years.

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