How to take semen analysis and determine its quality?

constant stress, environmental degradation, sedentary lifestyle, bad habits can become Sperm under the microscopecause of a man's health problems. Define a problem or set, such that there is a male health and everything is in order, It helps semen.

basic concepts

Number of pairs, wanting to become parents and that it is impossible to conceive a child for a long time, constantly increasing. Semen analysis helps to identify, whether the reason lies in the failure of infertility in men or in the deterioration of the quality of his sperm.

In addition to this basic care of their own health and the desire to be self-reliance should be the reason, that men should know, how to pass spermogrammu, and how to decode it results.
However, willing to donate a little analysis. Men are willing to endure painful injections and reduction of joints and even go to the reception to the dentist just would not have to take spermorammu.

Fear of representatives of a strong half of humanity is not based on fear of the process of delivery of the analysis, and on the possible outcome. The reason is, that if a couple can not conceive a child, and the results will be poor semen, will, that the problem in a man. This greatly affects their self-esteem. Therefore, they are so nervous before delivery of the analysis, can smoke a lot and did not sleep at night. Such stress before delivery analysis coupled with fatigue, lack of sleep and smoking can worsen the results of the analyzes, so you need to calm down.

Location and methods of preparing the semen for analysis

The most correct and efficient method of obtaining semen analysis can be called masturbation. Besides, desirable to carry out the procedure in a medical facility. This leads many members of the strong half of humanity into a panic, and they are looking for other ways to deliver the semen analysis.

It should be understood, that other methods of producing sperm can be called coitus interruptus, semen collection in a condom instead of a special container, collection of seed is not a medical facility.

must be considered, Sperm that renting a result of interrupted sexual intercourse encourages, what together with sperm in the analysis is female flora, and in case of a condom the sperm collecting on the quality of the contents affects condom lubricant.
deciphering tests

On receipt of the seed is a medical institution the situation is somewhat simpler and is a compromise, but only if, If the laboratory is located in the immediate vicinity of the house until it can get no more than half an hour. Doctors can go to such concessions, if the patient can not be solved on the analysis of the change in a medical facility and the body due to stress refuses to obey him. To be tested in a familiar and cozy home easier and more comfortable. In this case, in the laboratory issued a special sterile container for collecting and transporting sperm.

Before you hand over spermogrammu, you need to familiarize yourself with some rules and exactly follow the required format:

  • Do not consume energy and alcoholic beverages within seven days;
  • Unsubscribe from masturbation and sexual intercourse during 3-4 days, sometimes for weeks;
  • Abandon the sauna, bathrooms, taking hot baths;
  • Limit the consumption of coffee and tea;
  • Try to control the emotions and reduce stress;
  • Give up smoking or to limit the number of cigarettes smoked per day;
  • Lead sedentary life;
  • Do not use antibiotics and some other medications.

the negative impact

Alcohol and Energy have a detrimental effect on the entire body, therefore, may affect the quality of sperm. Smoking is injurious to health, but to stop smoking before delivery of the analysis are not necessarily. However, negative impact on the entire body could negatively affect the sperm count condition and the future health of the child, which are trying to conceive in a pair.

If a man sick with the flu or SARS, analysis of the change should be postponed, because semen analysis must be treated at the background of the overall health of the organism.Medical examination
If a man rents semen analysis in the laboratory, then it is removed in a special enclosed space and produce container for semen collection.
If a man rents semen analysis at home, then it is necessary to closely monitor, that the resulting sperm do not supercool and so on it is not in direct sunlight.

Before the delivery of sperm is necessary to ask the experts, how to pass the semen analysis and to follow the recommendations. You need to save for the analysis of all the sperm, which will be released in the course of delivery of the analysis, especially the first portion. If it is lost, It will be difficult to see the exact picture of the semen.

Transport sperm from the house to the laboratory must be in a special container, taking care of, sperm was delivered to the laboratory within, than half an hour and avoiding shaking the seminal fluid and changes in temperature.

Deciphering the analysis results

Result semen available the day after the delivery of the analysis.
Most often in the sheet shows the results and performance standards for comparison.
Normally, sperm color should be white-grayish, the amount should not be less than 2 ml, normal pH level 7,2 – 7,8, and liquefaction, approximately 10-30 minutes.Equipment, needed for semen analysis
There are other indicators:

  1. The number of sperm in the ejaculate;
  2. Number of spermatozoa 1 ml sperm;
  3. Slabopodvizhnye sperm;
  4. active sperm;
  5. motionless sperm;
  6. Non-progressive motile spermatozoa;
  7. Number of round cells;
  8. abnormal sperm;
  9. leukocytes;
  10. The presence or absence spermagglyutinatsii.

The very first option, who studied after the testing on semen analysis, It can be called a time of semen liquefaction. Most often, the sperm is not completely fluid, and it can be called coagulate. Under the influence of enzymes, contained in the prostate gland, sperm after some time becomes liquid. The normal time for liquefaction can be called a range of 10 to 40 minutes, sometimes up to one hour, but not more.

To obtain accurate data resulting from the study of sperm, You should be familiar with the, how to pass the semen analysis, and follow the instructions.
If the time, necessary for sperm liquefaction higher than normal, or if thinning is not happening, this may indicate possible problems in the field of prostate.

In addition to the time of semen liquefaction pay attention to its volume. If the volume of ejaculate less 2 ml, this may indicate a possible infertility in men, because a small amount of semen creates a threat to the normal conception, even if the correct concentration of spermatozoa. It happens, because the vagina for sperm aggressive acidic environment, which destroys them.

The most moving and powerful have the opportunity for a couple hours to get into the uterus, in which a favorable environment for them. Seminal fluid contributes to alkalization time vaginal environment, reduces the acidity. If an insufficient amount of sperm, it is impossible to hold back the vaginal acidity necessary time.
In addition to this seminal plasma helps slightly suppress the immune system of the female body, because sperm alien body for him, to be destroyed.

The volume of ejaculate, supernormal, It does not give advantages at conception, because in a woman's vagina can fit generally no more 5 ml, the rest follows and does not participate in the process of conceiving a baby.

biological scheme To determine the exact volume it is desirable to collect semen in a special container entire ejaculate. This responsibility remains on the man, which rents tests, so you need to know, how to pass the semen analysis is correct. Most of sperm in the semen of the first portion allocated. In case of more than a quarter had been lost during the semen collection, you must inform your doctor.

there are cases, when orgasm occurs, but there is no ejaculation. In this situation, retrograde ejaculation may occur, in which the process of ejaculation occurs in men urinary bladder. In the case of retrograde ejaculation to explore the patient take the analysis of urine to determine the presence or absence of sperm in it.

During sperm research experts pay attention to its color. Normally, white-grayish color, but it may be yellowish, white or transparent, and it will not be an accurate indication of the presence of violations. But if the sperm has a pink color and a reddish tint, then it increased the number of red blood cells. Doctors call this haematospermia.

The acidity of the semen, which doctors call a pH, It may affect the diagnosis in conjunction with other disabilities. But if other abnormalities minor deviations from the norm is detected may not be a reason for diagnosis.

In addition to the study of color, volume, time of semen liquefaction, physicians for diagnosis is necessary to carefully examine the sperm under the microscope. Through this study determines motility and number of spermatozoa in the sample.
Normally, in a milliliter of semen should contain at least 20 million sperm. The total volume of sperm number should not be less than 40 millions.
Sperm motility is no less important, than the number. So before you hand over spermogrammu, you must perform the specified requirements. Failure to comply with a recommendation may affect the number and motility of sperm.

If they are immobile or inactive, they will be unable to reach the uterus.
Sperm cells are divided into several categories depending on the mobility:

  • For Category A include the sperm with rectilinear fast movement, their speed may exceed the second half and the proper length;
  • Category B include sperm with rectilinear, but quite slow motion;
  • The category C can be attributed sperm, are non-rectilinear moving or moving in the same place;
  • For category D include sperm, motionless.

The ejaculate contains sperm motility in all categories. On mobility can be influenced by temperature. Maximum fluidity is achieved at a temperature 37 degrees. The lower the temperature, the less sperm motility. For this reason it is not advised to take the analysis at home, because it is difficult not to disturb the temperature during transportation mode.

In addition to sperm in the ejaculate is allocated has rounded cells. It is the generic name for white blood cells and immature germ cells.
There are a few terms, who call those or other deviations from the norm and sperm disorders:

  • zoospermia means, that all indicators, affect sperm fertility rate, but there is a deviation, It does not affect the sterility;
  • normospermia means, that all the characteristics and performance in normal and no violations found in semen;
  • oligozoospermia oznachaet, that enough sperm in the semen and their concentration is below normal;
  • oligospermia means, that the lack of ejaculate volume;
  • Akinozoospermiya means, that the sperm in the sample is completely immobile;
  • Astenozoospermiya oznaçaet, that decreased sperm motility;
  • Nekrozoospermiya means, that no live sperm ejaculate;
  • teratozoospermia oznachaet, in an ejaculate increased number of abnormal sperm;
  • gemospermiya means, found that red blood cells in the ejaculate;
  • leucocytospermia means, that a sperm increased number of leukocytes;
  • azoospermia means, that are not found in semen sperm.

Diagnose and prescribe treatment if necessary, can only be a qualified doctor.

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