How to Draw in Odnoklassniki?

Today the social network Classmates surprises with new applications and, Consequently, It is becoming more popular, not only among young people, but also among older people. After all, it is - a great opportunity to find people, which for many years it has been torn off thread of communication, meet like-minded, interact with famous people. features a circle in a social network wide, and it is increasing day by day, because true professionals here, High-level programmers, who put a lot of work, to interest Internet users and attract a large audience. And classmates can not only communicate, but also to listen to music, and even paint.

types of emoticons

Draw smiles in Odnoklassniki

Draw smiles in Odnoklassniki

Before learning, how to draw in Odnoklassniki, should learn about all the emoticons. Yet not long ago people used these graphic images only, as a clear explanation of your text, Each icon has its own meaning, and it helps a lot more correct to express their thoughts and feelings. But just recently there was a tendency to create entire picture postcards of emoticons, and they look just awesome! When you want to congratulate a pen pal, there is no better solution than to, than the card of emoticons.

Smileys are divided into three types:

  • Text smileys, the most affordable and easiest way. Its advantage is the accessibility and ease of use. The downside here is the difficulty of creating cards and expressionless.
  • The common smileys in the form of static figurines. They are easy to use and expressive.
  • Animated emoticons – this is the most colorful form of smiles, which will help to create a very beautiful, bright, memorable postcard, the best gift of Internet users.

The first steps in drawing Odnoklassniki

Many Internet users question: how to draw in Odnoklassniki?
In fact - it is very easy and fun. Only need the following:

  • To connect to the page the option "Pay emoticons". Cost of service 135 rubles.
  • The connection will not take much time, for this you need only send an SMS to a specified number.
  • Connecting the option of drawing it is possible to proceed to the drawing. Now you need to open a new window and select from the list of emoticons whichever.
  • Next you need to specify the period for paid smiley, it can be from 45 to 135 days (validity depends on the level of payment). After spending this simple operation, you must specify your mobile operator and the country also.
  • Your phone will receive a notification about the execution of the services, then just have to click "Add" button and begin the long-awaited, exciting draw.

Now you can tell your friends and acquaintances, how to draw in Odnoklassniki. It turns out, it - really is not difficult, this feature can bring a lot of positive emotions, because it extends the range of possibilities in the social network: Pictures can give the other party over the network, drawings can be decorated with a personal page. It all depends on your imagination. Offered a choice of drawing capabilities not only emoticons, but graffiti. In this way, easy to create a true picture, highly artistic and beautiful.

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