How to Draw a Cat?

We continue to teach you the fine arts, and today you will learn, how to draw a cat. This is one of the most remarkable and popular animals, who love to draw many, especially children. The easiest way, is to download a picture from the Internet, print on paper and cut around it. But this process does not take any pleasure, much more interesting to pick up a pencil and draw your own cute animal.

How to learn to paint cats?

First, you must determine the animal's traits, due to which the animal will learn, even if everything else is drawn very poorly. The most important thing, it should have sharp ears, a small nose in the form of a triangle, which is to look down angle. Mouth, it should consist of two hooks, which should converge at a single point, and antennae. oval shaped eyes, with stretched pupil. The body you can draw whatever you like, but the legs of the cat should be soft, with cat pads.

Stage 1

Starts with the head. draw an oval, We note the middle and lower head draw a horizontal line. At its intersection with the vertical draw a triangle, it will be the cat's nose. Then, from the middle of the nose draw two oral rounding, and will be located between the lower jaw. Next draw eyes, they must be in the form of an oval, the base should be mowed. paint scheme cats differs, that her ears slightly convex, and on the sides of the cheeks on her present wool fringe. Do not forget about the antennae, they should not be too thick. After all circle marker or watercolors and drawing ready.

Stage 2

This option describes, how to draw a cat completely, and not just the head. This lesson will teach you how to use an auxiliary frame. He proposes to divide the cat's body into three parts, oval. is the head, chest and lower part of the animal. If they are positioned correctly, you will learn how to create their own unique cats. After the ovals are ready to draw the ears and head connect with the chest and lower torso. Then outline the hind legs, they should be bent, Draw the front and, of course, the cat should be lush and long tail. After the draw muzzle cat and do not forget to portray fur. We decorate and here it is our beauty cat.

Stage 3

In this method, described, how to draw cats paints. First draw a base or "framework" with the help of a sharp pencil. Then the torso and head are covered watercolor paint gray. After complete drying of the ink, Thin black marker and draw the frequent strokes of mustache and hair, and highlight the eyes of green or blue.

Little tricks

To get a good cat, draw a smile and make a round pupil. For getting angry cats the pupil is narrow – just a dash.

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