As graffiti in contact

His or another user in contact wall can be decorated with original drawing in the style of "graffiti". There are several ways, how graffiti in contact. The site has a special function of "graffiti".

graffiti Vkontakte

In contact Graffiti

Graffiti in contact

It can be found on the home page (or his friend), in "The Wall" section. If the line with the words "What's new with you?"Move the cursor, it opens a window for messages. To add a picture on the wall, it is necessary to click "Attach", and in the drop-down list to note "Graffiti". After that page opens to create a drawing graffiti.

To select paint pictures, you should click on the palette with the word "color". Then you can specify the width of the brush, intensity.

Having defined the color and brush can begin to draw graffiti. the mouse cursor should be led in the right direction, want to change the color and/or thickness of the brush. Last mistake made bar is always possible to withdraw, clicking "Cancel".

If you created a masterpiece not turned, you can remove it, pressing the "Clear" (again left a white sheet). The process of drawing is recommended to periodically store drawing, by clicking the "Save". Pressing the "up", You can expand the image to full screen (it usually easier to draw small details graffiti). When the drawing is ready, it can be attached to the wall, clicking "Send".

The use of special programmok

For those, who have no talent in drawing and presenting certain, how to draw graffiti in contact, there are free programs from, using that, It can be placed in any picture graffiti. They are available online and, to use their tools you must first download and install.

  • The program VKPaint very often used to create graffiti in contact. It is possible to send a picture of graffiti on a wall or other. Send the finished drawing, you can click the "Open file", select and click "Submit graffiti". Next come the authorization window (login, password in contact). In the next window, you must choose the desired user (are invited to sign a message) and you can click "Send" (on their wall or other).
  • The program Vitrite is used for self-monitoring the degree of transparency of the Windows and helps to paint a beautiful picture. It has no interface. To use the utility, it must be active in the Windows system tray. To change the transparency of the window, it is necessary to press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + number (1-9 indicates nine degrees of transparency). A combination of Ctrl + Shift + plus sign, you can install the selected window "above the rest". Action will be canceled transparency combination Ctrl + Shift + 0.


Facilitate the process of drawing graffiti in contact without the use of software to help the following recommendations.

  • Perfectly straight lines on the pattern can be obtained, using control arrows (up / down / sideways) on the numeric keypad to the right. Pressing Shift + Alt + NumLock combination opens the possibility of the mouse cursor arrows keypad control. If you press the left mouse button and the desired button "number-arrow" at the same time, the mouse cursor will draw a straight line in a given direction.
  • To create a beautiful graffiti, and more precisely pick out fine details, must be able to increase the scale of the screen. It is necessary to use the "Magnifier", which can be found, by clicking Start / Start->Program / Programs->Accessories / Accessories->Accessibility / Accessibility->Magnifier / Magnifier.
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