How to develop a sense of humor

Как развивать чувство юмораGood sense of humor is always appreciated, Yes and will be valued in every society. Therefore possess this quality will be useful to everyone, who strive to become the soul of the company or just to pass a pleasant companion. And in this regard it is important not only to own exigencies words, but also be able to understand the humor of others. Is it possible to develop a sense of humor or is it absolutely impossible?- asked many. In fact, there is nothing impossible, since the man laid a lot of hidden talents, which he sometimes does not even suspect.

A few small rules for those, who wants to learn to make jokes

  • Научиться шутитьAny joke, so that it was well appreciated and accepted by others to be the place.
  • To learn how to make jokes, first of all it is important to understand, What is the essence of humor and jokes. A sense of humor - it, first of all, positive perception of reality and people with their advantages and disadvantages, and the ability or one way express themselves in society. The joke is designed to lift your mood, and not vice versa worsen it.
  • It is not necessary to joke and laugh at external or whatever was internal qualities of the interlocutor, especially, If you are unfamiliar or even Think first. These jokes can be perceived rather as an insult, rather than as something positive.
  • Any good joke consists of positive emotions, otherwise it will be a sarcasm.
  • In addition to creating their jokes it is quite important also to be able to present.

How to develop a sense of humor: tips

Being a good joke mainly consists of the following components: the ability to beautifully combine and play with words, as well as the presence of imagination and associative thinking. We offer several recommendations, telling where better to begin to develop a sense of humor in yourself:

  • Настроить себя на позитивные эмоцииThe first step is to set yourself up for positive emotions and learn to perceive the world with a broad smile on his lips. Person, burdened by pessimistic attitude to life is able to express its maximum state through the so-called "black" humor, which is not intended to cause positive.
  • It is also important to learn how to beautifully, clearly and to speak on the topic. To do this, you must fill up your vocabulary, starting, eg, read more fiction in particular, belonging to the authors rightly considered a classic of world literature. Otherwise, meager stock of words is, First hard enough to express his thought, secondly quickly respond to cues of opponents. One of the most simple exercises, designed to develop a sense of thinking, as well as check your vocabulary is the following: Take a leaf of paper and a pen and randomly call (or ask someone to do it) any letter and try to create as long sentences, all words which will begin only at the specified letter.
  • Associative thinking can cultivate with the help of special exercises. The simplest of these is a game of Association, caused by any object seen. You can play it independently, and involved in the process of their family members or friends. Its essence lies in the fact, to how to come up with words faster and more, phrases or sentences, which will express, something with which is associated a given object. First, any combinations can be called, and then try to come up with something a little more funny.
  • Learn to laugh at yourself, and refers to his little mistakes and failures easier. This not only helps to develop a sense of humor in yourself, but also better able to cope with all the problems and hardships.
  • Open yourself to the world in a new way and try to remember, How do you perceive it, as a child: happily and easily.
  • In order to correctly perceive the source comic information, learn how to present it. To do this, read poems often, or small tales, with the expression, You can also include a bit of acting. Read, as much as possible and try to remember anecdotes, at least some portion of the read. After that, the stored information can be used in a conversation, the theme of which will fit her, trying to teach her how to ridiculous.
  • Every joke can be attributed to one of the following classification: joke, irony or criticism, joke, causing shock or showing the absurdity of the situation, joke-comparison, joke, based on the word, having ambiguous value. Based on this, and you can create your own jokes, using one of the above methods. Very easy, eg, enjoy taking, based on the words with double meaning. To do this, find the equivocal word and try to use it in a sentence so, that it meant the beginning of a sense of, end other.
  • For, to develop a sense of humor, you must create for themselves the constant training and beat the situation from different angles, This can help in various literature as. excellent book, containing similar exercises, as well as analysis and numerous tips is, eg, a volume entitled "How to develop a sense of humor", He authored by Tamberg.

Develop a sense of humor, and life will seem not so dull and boring, as possible was seen before.

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