How to unlock your own Classmates?

A number of network users are faced with the unpleasant situation, how to block sites. Than it can be caused by, what caused the lock?

Unlocking pages Odnoklassniki

Unlocking pages Odnoklassniki

should say, that you can restore access by sending an sms - ki. But, as evidenced by the practice, in recent years the Internet double flowers bloom different ways of fraud by SMS - messages. Therefore, this method can immediately discard.

types of locks

There are two types of blocking access:

  • it is impossible to enter the site;
  • was blocked personalized page.

As the saying goes, understanding of the problem - this is the way to solve it.

The reasons

One possible reason - a lock virus website. Besides, deny the user access to the resource is his administration. Get banned from the administrator is possible for placement on the page, or spam, any other violation, which are specified in the user agreement.

How to unlock Classmates or what not to do

Is it possible to remedy the situation without putting their hard-earned? As known, Networks exist in a number of services, with which you can restore access to the site. But, in most cases this does not solve the problem. Besides, these resources can be fraught with hidden threat.

Often these sites are specifically created to collect users' personal data. So it is quite difficult to predict the possible consequences of such "cooperation".

It should be remembered, it is standard procedure to restore access involves sending messages to the user's mailbox, immediately after the request. If a third-party resource requires authorization by means of SMS - message, it should, at least, cheerleaders.

What should I do if the lock has occurred due to a virus?

This problem is familiar to most users. first, that can be advised - this is to check your computer for viruses. If antivirus software is not characterized by a high efficiency, You can install curing utility Dr.Web, which detects and removes viruses.

Besides this utility would like to recommend an excellent antivirus program AVZ. Information on, how to use it, It can be read on the author's website developers.

There are two types of viruses, that drifts across the expanses of the Internet in search of a victim. Therefore, the method of unlocking classmates is chosen depending on the type of malware. As previously mentioned, one of the virus tries to clean up user wallet by using SMS - messages.

His brother uses a more rigid and radical option - completely blocked site. Due to its malicious nature he is "concerned" only the, how to inflict maximum damage. Get rid of the intruder can be using anti-virus, or through a system rollback, as well as checking the service file in the Windows HOST OSes.

How to unlock Classmates, if the lock is held on the initiative of the administration of the resource?

As indicated above, in most cases this is due to resource user breaches of the rules, namely:

  • I posted a message on the site, which does not refer to the topics discussed. Simply put, posted spam.
  • Reports and reviews contained threats and insults to other visitors. Besides, Admins can ban an account for the use of obscene words, i.e, use of profanity.
  • The user to use the resource as a free advertising platform for the promotion of goods or services.
  • If the account owner does not refer to such actions, the only way to unlock access to the resource - contact technical support site to moderators.
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