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Как расстаться с парнемPerfectly, when love is mutual and relations are developing rapidly for the better. But it happens, and so, that at one point you realize each, that made a mistake and the guy, which is next, not the man, with whom I would spend the rest of his life. more honest, correctly, and even better for both in this situation would be to end the relationship. But of course this is not so simple, and at such a time many people simply do not understand how a guy say, We broke up, so that this situation is passed as painlessly as possible.

How better to leave Man

In the first place it is not necessary to make a decision about the separation temper. It is important to carefully weigh all the pros and cons and think in a situation, so you do not regret what was done, and once again deliver each other's pain. But if all the same all the negative aspects outweigh, and you know, that the relationship will lead you to nowhere, and feelings have not left, the, of course, and just believe, that this relationship you do not need, it would be more honest to leave. But, if you're just a little doubt, do not rush to any conversation, and you wait for a better time, that everything in its place.
In the moment, When you do decide to end your current relationship, the first thing that starts to torture is a matter of: "How better to leave Man, not to stay at the same time with him enemies?». So let us consider a few basic points, how to end a relationship, if you eventually want to maintain friendly relations and communication:

  • Как лучше расстаться с парнемFirstly, In this situation, we must try, to the separation brought as little pain can be. Of course, make it impossible to completely painless, since in any case,, when it comes to someone else's feelings, and the more a man in love, is always the first point, there is a lack of understanding of the situation, hurt and pain.
  • Be sure to tell your ex about the decision, in any case should not go silently, collecting things or stopped responding to calls. Everyone deserves to get the necessary explanations for him.
  • Some time after an unpleasant conversation is better to try not to see a young man and not phoning him, constantly reminding yourself. Better in this case to give the person time to, so that he could comprehend what happened and make your decision so, what it is, and to determine whether it needs to further communication with you, or it will only hurt him.
  • If the guy does decide to sever all contact with you and finally to throw you out of my life, you also have to accept his decision, not trying to persuade him to stay friends. In this case it is better to leave the young alone and let him start a new life sheet. And maybe after some time, his pain and hurt will subside, and again he decides to go with you to the contact.

Like the guy said about the separation

  • Inform the guy about the separation must be so, so as not to offend him, and in any case does not diminish the dignity. To do this, try to choose words and tone, so they will not be heard sharply or roughly.
  • Do not get too waste time and months in advance to prepare a person for the upcoming conversation, thereby patting his nerves and constantly hurting. The best option to tell him about it as soon as, as soon as you took a firm decision to break off relations.
  • Try to more clearly articulate the reason for separation, to the guy there was no doubt about, you decided, soberly weighing all.
  • Having said parting, you should not immediately taken to comfort the young man. Like your actions may be perceived, how to throw a lifeline, necessary to return the relations or even as an attempt to insult him, because it is always a pity humiliates man.
  • The best formulation of the reasons is that, which is made in the emphasis on you, that is, the guy should hear, that the reason for the breakup is not his any shortcomings, namely your inner desires, feelings and needs.
  • Start a conversation is absolutely necessary without witnesses and better in a public place. So as not to delay the conversation and leave on time.
  • In formulating the reasons behind your desire to leave, it is not necessary to include in her memories of the negative aspects or disadvantages of a young man, especially, if they relate to the exterior or intimate relations, as well as the stories in detail about, that you met another young man, and about how it was amazing.

Try to leave a nice guy, without unnecessary tantrums and scandals, so that in your and in his mind there were only good and pleasant memories of time spent together and about your relationship.

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