How to check your mail?

After you create your own account in the email, you must visit it regularly and filter all messages received. If the system, that provides you with services are not equipped with a good filter, then you have to manually remove a lot of spam, otherwise, you guard against unnecessary problems.

How to check your mail?

There are two basic ways, which will help you to check your own mail. You can use the interface, that offers the service itself (eg, or Usually, they are slightly different, but to understand them on their own there is no difficulty. Most often, the main menu is on the left or top. There you can find the following sections:

  1. outgoing messages
  2. inbox
  3. sent
  4. Basket
  5. spam
How to check your mail?

How to check your mail?

Besides, there may be other tabs, it is desirable to read the information, which gives the service provider itself.

so, how to check mail? First of all, go to your account, using the username and password. Then you should be interested in the sections on “Inbox” and “Spam”. Open the first and view new messages, which came to you. After that, check out the spam section and look, whether any important message at random under the filter has not got.

Also you can use special software to manage mail account, they are free and paid. The brightest representatives, This Outlook Express and The Bat. by the way, You can find out, how to set up your Outlook client on our website.

Most people choose interface, which offer suppliers. But it is less mobile and convenient, just not everyone can cope with all the settings.

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