How to check the intestines - advice from doctors

frequent bloating, broken chair, belching, availability of breath and other symptoms should alert each person. In this case it is recommended ponder, how to check the intestines. There are several methods, by which such a problem is solved. Colonoscopy is usually performed either retroromanoskopiya.

Check the small intestine

Inflammation of the small intestine - enteritis manifested in the form of the appearance of pain in the middle of the abdomen, pride, vomiting, temperature increase, bloating and dehydration. IntestinesIn this case, it is recommended to seek help from a doctor. Initially a laboratory examination of stool, which will determine the presence of gastrointestinal diseases. This procedure is in, that the patient brings to the treatment facility in a clean container their feces, that happened in the past 10-12 hours.
Conclusion laboratory outputs based on 30 points. It is also recommended to conduct a microscopic examination, including the presence of worms.
Effectively solve the problem, how to check the intestine is possible without colonoscopy.

The hydrogen breath test

Often the intestines is checked using the hydrogen breath test. he is, the patient should sit 3 hours on the soft spot, exhaling every 30 minutes in a special device. This test measures the level of hydrogen in the breath, which allows to reveal excessive growth of bacteria in the small intestine.

Apparatus for irogonoskopiiThis technique is based on the, number of pathological microorganisms that violate mucosal absorption of water. As a result, there is diarrhea and bloating. Carbohydrates are broken down more intensively, and the generated hydrogen is absorbed into the blood and excreted from the body via respiration.

A patient, before coming to such a survey should not be obliged to eat and brush your teeth. The control output is done in a special apparatus, then drunk 30 ml lactulose, sitting down at the same time on the couch. when dysbacteriosis, maximum concentration of exhaled hydrogen occurs in the first hour of the procedure.

Barium enema - the main action

This method consists in the diagnosis of large bowel contour loops relief changes. Small change is not possible to distinguish. From a technical point of view, such a technique is to be administered to patients with barium enema suspension. Next, the patient lies down, and after a while he made an X-ray.

Checking the colon

Inflammation of the colon mucosa - colitis and often manifests this disease in women 30 years and men - 40 years old. Think about, how to check the gut should be in the case of frequent diarrheal illness, with bloating, sharp pain in the abdomen, loss of strength, feeling of heaviness. How to check the intestines then knows sigmoidoscopy. This diagnosis is the inspection and assessment of the state of the inner surface of the colon. In this zone is introduced into the stomach for a maximum of 60 cm.

Colonoscopy - the basic method of testing intestinal

In the presence of inflammation in the intestines recommended colonoscopy. This technique will identify colon cancer and other defects of the mucous membrane of the body, including polyp, ulcer, erosion. The main positive aspect of this study is the ability to quickly remove any defects found cautery. maybe, take a biopsy.colonoscopy

It is also possible to carry out visual colonoscopy. This technique is considered to be expensive, so it is not performed in all medical institutions. It consists in designing 2D or 3D model of the desired section of the intestine. In this case, images are considered, made after the MRI or CT.
However, such a study can not detect the beginning pathological processes.

The survey is carried out in the presence of symptoms such as abnormal stool, abdominal distention, pain, the allocation of direct mucus or blood guts. Colonoscopy detects either exclude the following diseases: cancer, polyp, colitis. Usually, the patient is carried out such screening are well. Rarely, some patients experience some discomfort. In carrying out this process, the patient should follow the instructions. The main task of doctors and nurses - is to minimize the patient's risk of infection.

Before carrying out such diagnostic physicians advise patients to drink antispasmodic. It will allow the muscles to relax the bowel wall, which will reduce the discomfort and pain.
The procedure itself takes about 10-15 minutes in a special office. The patient should be to strip to the waist, put on top of a one-time special underwear.

With regard to research, it is carried out as follows. Through the anus into the lumen introduced gradually colonoscope. For straightening the intestinal lumen tube need moderate air supply. In this case, the patient is experiencing a similar sensation, characteristic of bloating. At the end of this procedure,, air aspirated. After colonoscopy, the patient does not need to follow a certain diet. maybe, that bulges to the stomach. Once the gases go out, this discomfort disappears.

There is a certain statement, allowing the patient to prepare for the procedure. Three days prior to its holding to eat only the food, which is well absorbed. Exclude from the diet is necessary fruits, raw vegetables, black bread, peas. At the same time forbidden to use iron supplements and activated carbon.

One day prior to the procedure for breakfast can be cooked broth. After 16.00 You need to drink Fortrans. For this 1 sachet dissolves in 1 L of cold water. The prepared solution for one hour is required to drink. An hour after that will output the contents of the bowel.
in distraint, the first portion of the drug can cause cramps. In this case, one day before receiving the funds required to do an enema or take a laxative.
From a good intestinal cleansing depends, quality to be carried out colonoscopy. The next day the procedure is performed. In this case, the patient should be calm, do not be nervous. Once the inspection is completed, a doctor gives a patient a medical report, to assess the condition of the intestine and to choose the most effective treatment. If such a survey in a timely manner to carry out, while the intestinal treatments take a little time.

standard methods

Using feces eliminated the possibility of laboratory studies helminths, enteromycosis, including intestinal infections. When analyzing occult blood, possibly, eliminate the possibility of ulceration and bleeding.videokapsulnaya endoscopy
As for the X-ray with contrast, it allows you to check the degree of intestinal permeability in order to identify places its restriction.
Using ultrasound sometimes found tumor, located inside the walls or on the outer surfaces of the intestine.

modern methods, how to check the intestine endoscopy is videokapsulnaya. Is he swallowed a special Microdevices, which the, getting into the stomach, moves into the intestine. Thus all fixed, and it is transmitted in the form of images to a recording apparatus. In this way, the physician receives a detailed information about the condition of the intestine.

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