How does the rest in Indonesia

Lush tropical landscapes, excellent climatic conditions and well thought-out pricing policy made holidays in Indonesia, one of the most sought-after. A comfortable stay in the country will provide the best operators in the hospitality industry network hotels of different levels.


climatic features

Indonesia - the largest island nation. It includes more than 17,5 thousands of small and large islands, located on both sides of the equator. Therefore, most of the area is characterized by humid equatorial climate, comfortable for a beach holiday in Indonesia throughout the year.

The average temperature on the plains the whole year remains at the level +26 degrees with slight seasonal variations. Sea water is warming up +26 – +28 degrees. islands relief, predominantly, goristыy, therefore, with average temperatures are reduced in height, down to freezing. On the highest peaks snow cap holds throughout the year.

In the southern and eastern regions, exposed to climate subequatorial, the alternation of dry and rainy seasons, that should be considered when planning a holiday in Indonezii.Vlazhny season starts from the north-west monsoon and runs from late October to March. However, heavy rains with thunderstorms are usually held at night or early in the morning.

On the northern and western islands rains and short time it is more evenly distributed throughout the year, there is very pronounced seasons. But in general, the climate is different humid even in the dry season. Character precipitation often unpredictable, and highly dependent on the local motion of air mass. Especially strong winds change noted during the monsoon. Surfers find it the best time for a holiday in Indonesia.

The benefits of choosing

On many islands of Indonesia, scattered in the waters of two oceans, travelers expect impenetrable rain forests and spectacular lagoon, ancient temples and active volcanoes. In Indonesia, there is everything for a varied holiday. Despite the long flight, holiday in Indonesia attracts:

  • exotic nature with stunning scenery;
  • extreme tourist routes to the volcanoes of Indonesia;
  • the splendor of the underwater world; unusual architectural buildings and historical landmarks;
  • white sand beaches and warm azure sea;
  • excellent conditions for surfing;
  • excellent infrastructure of active water recreation in Indonesia;
  • a high level of hotel service;
  • availability on holiday prices;
  • the possibility of high-quality leisure facilities with children;
  • wellness treatments in the thalassotherapy centers;
  • bright national holiday with ancient rituals;
  • holiday safety; the possibility of visa-free in the presence of passport valid for at least 6 months.

There are some shortcomings in the rest of Indonesia, chief among which are poor transport connection and poor quality roads.

Bali island

One of the Lesser Sunda Islands, which is washed by the Indian Ocean. Through the whole territory stretches a chain of active volcanoes, the last eruption that occurred in the second half of the last century. The development of tourism on the island began in the 60s of the last century. Today, the island of Bali - one of the most popular holiday destinations in Indonesia.

known, that the eastern and southern coast - the best places to surf. Gorgeous reefs await divers in the coastal waters of the western part of the island. Fans of extreme sports can enjoy a descent into canyons and caves, climb the volcano. Many unusual attractions awaiting travelers, interested in cognitive rest in Indonesia.

Bali attractions

Special attention of tourists enjoying water palace complex Taman Ujung, who served as the official residence of the royal family. Today the palace is a beautiful museum complex, hitting exquisite architectural forms and the skill of architects. Elegant snow-white palace stands in the middle of the reservoir. Around him is broken luxurious landscape park - a favorite place in Indonesia, tourists and locals.

Among flowering shrubs scattered small arbours. They combine stone bridges, decorated with fine openwork carving. Around lawns installed sculpture Bali gods. Palace represents one of the symbols of Eastern philosophy that, what water it is the source of life on our planet.

beach holidays

Bali is famous tourist infrastructure. It is necessary to take into account, that each resort has a specific orientation. Beach lovers in Indonesia prefer the southern coast of Nusa Dua. Here, within walking distance from the sea, you can choose a variety of options for the accommodation - luxury villas, drowning in your own garden, hotels or more affordable prices. The resort is popular for surfers, and for families with children.

Inaya Putri Bali Resort 5*

Magnificent hotel complex, one of the best in Indonesia for a holiday by the sea. The complex - comfortable rooms and private villas, located on the shore. Nearby there are shopping and entertainment centers. Elegant interiors and expensive furnishings make the stay comfortable and enjoyable. The spacious apartments overlook the picturesque garden with two large swimming pools, including, for kids.


The Laguna Hotel 5*

Great vacation awaits guests Indonesia in five-star complex with spacious rooms and luxury villas. Located on a landscaped sandy beach with white sand. several pools operate on its own territory, there is a beautiful garden with tropical plants. The apartments are furnished with stylish furniture made of natural wood, views of the sea or the flourishing garden. It offers a fitness center and tennis courts.


Holidays in Indonesia on the island of Java like any category of tourists. Everyone will find something to your liking. A third of the territory occupied by the jungle with their rich flora and fauna. On the island more 120 volcanoes, of them - three dozen current. acrid, toxic smoke, which stretches from their craters, I felt several hundred kilometers. The last eruption of the most active volcanoes happened in 2006.

Sultan Palace

tourists, wishing to while relaxing in Indonesia to meet with a rich history of the island of Java, expect ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples and old palaces. In the historic center of the city of Yogyakarta is an amazing architectural complex - the Sultan's Palace. Its construction began in the middle of 18 century. Initially, the architectural style of the buildings meets national Javanese traditions. Later in the complex appeared traits of European architecture.

Visiting the palace is part of the compulsory program of sightseeing holiday in Java, Indonesia. The complex covers a vast area and is surrounded by ramparts and a half kilometers long. Numerous constructions are complex large terraces, closed ornate canopy. The canopy is attached to the pillars of marble:. Particularly luxurious Hall of official receptions, canopy is decorated with gold ornaments.


Leisure at sea

Season beach holidays in Indonesia on the island of Java, all year round. Indented coastline forms a cozy cove with white sand, sometimes interspersed with patches of forest approached the shore. One of the most popular beaches on the east coast, on the reserve Alas Purva. This area is known surfers long and high waves. surfing school with experienced instructors work here, hosts international competitions.

Java island hotels provide comfortable conditions for rest in Indonesia, regardless of the price range.

Mercure Convention Center Ancol 4*

The hotel provides a comfortable environment for families with children. Warm colors palette creates an inviting atmosphere for a comfortable stay in spacious apartments. In the vicinity of the hotel Amusement Park and the Aquarium of the Pacific. In its own territory a swimming pool with water slides. The beach is a two minute walk. A wellness center and spa.

Amanjiwo boutique 5*

One of the best hotels in Indonesia for recreation. The central building is a sample architecture traditional palatial. From a large rotunda in the form of a crescent on both sides of the villa stretch, separated by a stone wall. Luxurious apartments await, decorated in pastel tones with rich fabrics and furnishings. Terraces overlook the landscaped garden with swimming pool, tennis court.

Sumatra island

One of the largest islands of Indonesia. Rest in Sumatra attracts untouched nature protected areas, great beaches with dark sand and monuments of ancient history. The island is washed on all sides by the straits of two oceans, and the equatorial line divides it into two almost equal. Off the coast there is a set of coral reefs, attracting divers. For fans of ecological rest in Indonesia prepared a variety of routes rainforest.

tourist routes

One of the most popular routes is the hike to Lake Toba, located in the basin of a sleeping volcano at an altitude of more than 900 m above sea level. According to scientists, age of the lake is more than 70 thousands of years. Its depth reaches 450 m. In the center of the pond is an island with another lake. Famous tourist attraction, and a 120-meter waterfall, located at its tip.

On the shore of Lake Toba is one of Indonesia's most popular resorts with excellent leisure infrastructure. A luxury hotel for guests the best conditions for water sports, work and entertainment centers.

In the city of Medan attracts antique architectural attraction - the mosque Masjid Raina. It was built early last century by Dutch architect, who managed miraculously to combine different styles in the form of a building. Admire the elegance of a small arched galleries, which stretch along the front, and wonderful ornaments.

Beaches and hotels

For a relaxing beach holiday in Indonesia Sumatra West Coast fits best. Beach Lampuk differs gentle entry into the sea and original dark color of the volcanic sand. It is convenient to have a rest and adults, and children, no noisy entertainment. Surfers prefer the beaches of the Gulf Lagundri, where schools are open to beginners with experienced instructors. Hotel holiday in Indonesia, on the island of Sumatra, famous for its high service and excellent infrastructure.

Novotel Bangka Hotel & Convention Center 5*

Magnificent hotel complex, which focuses on the different categories of visitors. The spacious rooms, decorated in a modern stylish interior, It has all the amenities. Nearby are the beach and the golf course. On-site facilities include a children's pool, gym. SPA-salon. Bike rentals, and on the beach water sports center.

Sheraton Lampung Hotel 5*

One of the best hotels in Sumatra, Indonesia, Located in the heart of the luxurious tropical garden. We offer you relaxation by the pool, in the shade of tall trees. Apartments feature elegant interiors, gentle, warm tones. For their decoration environmentally friendly materials have been used. Rooms are equipped with terraces with views of the garden. A children's pool and tennis courts.

Lombok island

Holidays in Indonesia on the island of Lombok, basically, popular with surfers and lovers of quiet, a measured leisure. However, there are opportunities for water sports, interesting excursions and a variety of entertainment. On Lombok has many wonderful natural sites - cozy coves and wonderful waterfalls, beaches with black and pink sand, giant plants.

Lombok attractions

One of the most interesting attractions of the island is considered to be the volcano Rinjani. Many vacationers arrive in Indonesia on Lombok, to see a huge crater lake inside. The height of a volcano 3700 m, so the top of the Guided hikes, calculated on 2-3 day. Thousands of tourists gather on the top of the volcano, to enjoy delicious panorama Lombok and neighboring islands. Visitors can descend into the crater and take a dip in the lake.


Handicrafts Lombok are famous throughout Indonesia. Fun holiday will be a tour of the small villages. Some are engaged in weaving miraculous bamboo mats and baskets, in others - made a remarkable ceramics, which is exported. In the southern villages engaged in weaving. Here you can buy fine cotton fabrics, in which the woven gold and silver threads.

beach holidays

Holidays in Indonesia, beaches Lombok, most comfortable in the south-west coast. The area boasts more developed tourist infrastructure, quite reasonable prices for accommodation. As we move to the north coast offers more expensive hotels and luxury villas. Large hotel has its own beach area.

Living Asia Resort and Spa

It offers Indonesia holiday in a comfortable Bungalow, surrounded by a tropical garden. This spacious apartment features a balcony with sea views. On a private beach, which is a two minute walk, diving center. Due to its distance from the center reign here peace and quiet. Guests can relax in the outdoor pool or enjoy a spa-salon services.

Novotel Lombok Resort & Villas 5*

Lovely hotel for families with children in Indonesia with its own beach area. small villas, surrounded by blooming magnolias, reminiscent of a traditional island village. However, all rooms are equipped with modern amenities, and their interiors are decorated in classic style with designer furniture. From the panoramic windows offering great views of the turquoise sea from the edge of the delightful white sandy beach. Holidays in Indonesia will be remembered for hotel guests a variety of entertainment. These services 4 large swimming pools, diving, fascinating excursions. A kid's club with interesting programs. Older children may enjoy kayaking. Experienced instructors teach surfing.

Ostrov Borneo

In Borneo, Indonesia belongs 2/3 territory. The remainder of the split between the two other states. The main attraction of the island is inaccessible jungle. Therefore rest in Indonesia, Kalimantan draws mostly lovers of ecological and adventure tourism.

Jungle treks

Jungles of Borneo is considered one of the oldest on the planet. With each expedition scientists are discovering hitherto unknown to science species of flora and fauna. The forests are famous for a variety of species of beautiful orchids. There are plants predators, which feed on insects and even small birds.

Relax in the jungles of Indonesia is not safe. In the forests inhabited by wild beasts, poisonous snakes and spiders, crocodiles. In the National Park Get directions, the safest way of transportation which are small, specially equipped, boats. The park is equipped with platform, where foresters fed animals. Here you can watch the orangutans, which are under state protection.

Many travelers stay in Indonesia will be remembered for a visit to the village, inhabited by representatives of local tribes - Dayak. At one time the Dayak terrifying the white colonizers, attacking missionary settlements. They have preserved the traditional way of life, but their long communal houses have modern means of communication, and children are in boarding schools. The dajaks are tourists friendly and give them a festive presentation.

beach holidays

tourists, arrived in Indonesia for a beach holiday, most suitable west and east coasts. Here they can expect a broad band of magnificent Golden beaches with upscale hotels, intended, including, for families with children. Borneo is famous for its excellent diving sites in coastal waters, and the nearby reefs. When hotels are schools for teaching beginners.

Grand Jatra Hotel Balikpapan 5*

One of the best hotels for families in Indonesia's East Kalimantan. It offers a huge apartment with an elegant interior, decorated in warm colors with rich fabrics and designer furniture. On the territory of an extensive leisure area, where there is a playground, large swimming pool with a special children's section, a wellness center with spa.

Mercure Banjarmasin 4 *

The hotel is particularly popular with guests, coming to Indonesia on recreation. The bright, spacious rooms, furnished with modern comfortable furniture, a balcony with sea views. It offers a large outdoor swimming pool and a relaxing massage or sauna in the wellness center. In walking distance there are many entertainment venues and exciting attractions.

Sulawesi island

Holidays in Indonesia, in Sulawesi, It attracts a fine diving, beautiful beaches and picturesque nature. Sulawesi has bizarre shapes - from its center depart rays four elongated peninsula. Due to the mountainous terrain land connection between the peninsulas difficult. The main mode of transport is sea or air.

Diving in Sulawesi

Divers find the best place in Sulawesi Indonesia for recreation. The most salient points are located in the northern part, where visibility reaches 40 meters and more. In coastal waters, the whole thicket of colorful coral reefs with their amazing inhabitants - ramps, moray eels and even sharks. Many of the marine species found only in this area. Such vivid diversity of the underwater world preserved thanks to the creation of protected areas and bans on hunting and fishing.


The southern coast of Sulawesi is also one of the popular places of recreation divers in Indonesia. Luxury coral gardens, which snap steep walls, We have not yet been fully explored. Dive Center, equipped with modern equipment, all conditions for a comfortable dive beginners and experienced athletes. school opened, where after you can get a certificate of excellence.

Relax on the beach

The coastline stretches for Sulawesi 600 odd kilometers. So here you can find beaches for all tastes - from the busiest to the wild, comfortable hideaway. Selecting Indonesia hotels for a beach holiday is also quite wide. Most of them have their own territory and are located on the first line.

Aryaduta Makassar 5*

Luxury hotel, Located near the sea. Spacious, comfortable apartments are decorated in warm colors. Special comfort give them a soft draping on the panoramic windows. The rooms have a mini bar and tea or coffee. Family rooms available. There is a pool and fitness center. business center provided for business travelers.

M-Regency Hotel Makassar 3*

Among the resort hotels for a holiday in Indonesia stands out M-Regency Hotel Makassar 3*, in an historic Victorian-style building. Richly decorated rooms are particularly comfortable. Each one has a minibar and a coffee maker. The private beach 5 minute walk. The massage services and sauna fitness center. Nearby are the Amusement Park, shopping centers.

Flores island

Beautiful landscapes of the island of Flores made it a popular choice for a holiday in Indonesia. The coast is characterized by low-lying, passing in the center plateau. The island was formed by volcanic activity. It more 10 volcanoes, part of which still retains weak activity. Climbing to the top, you can hear the menacing hiss and see the smoking crater.

natural attractions

An excellent choice of outdoor activities in Indonesia will visit Kelimutu National Park on the island of Flores. On its territory is one of the most amazing natural attractions in Indonesia - colored lakes in the craters of the volcano Kelimutu. Its last eruption took place in the late 60s of the last century. three crater, filled with water, annually attract tens of thousands of tourists from all over Indonesia. The water in the lakes periodically changes its color. According to scientists, This phenomenon may be due to chemical reactions, extending in an aqueous medium, or coming from deep volcanic gases. Locals are convinced, that live in lakes souls of the dead - when they are angry, the water changes color.

On the slopes of volcanoes and rain forests of many thermal springs, trips which are popular among fans of exotic holiday in Indonesia. Spa treatments at the natural mineral pools have on the body curative effect and no wonder popular with locals.

Visiting the neighboring island of Flores Komodo can look at the unique lizards - the descendants of prehistoric dinosaurs. They calmly walk along the beach, waiting for another treat from tourists.

Flores island, reviews for divers, one of the best holiday destinations in Indonesia. The local underwater world is amazing variety of species, among which there are the most unusual items.

Beach holidays on the island of Flores

Among the golden beaches of the island of Flores is particularly notable one - covered pink sand. Its color is determined by a special plankton, which many in coastal waters. At high tide, it is mixed with white sand, creating a charming shade.

Hotel complexes on the island of Flores, basically, have a category not lower than four stars and offer a well-developed infrastructure of rest, the typical for Indonesia. They have their own coastal zone, where the golf clubs are located, sports grounds and swimming pools. There are also more budget accommodation options - coastal bungalow with minimal amenities.

Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel 5*

Lovely boutique hotel with apartments, made in rustic style. Cozy bungalows on stilts with modern amenities. The hotel is located in a conservation area, away from the bustle of the city. It overlooks the charming lagoon. The surrounding paved hiking trails. For fans of the tour vacation in Indonesia, arranged a visit to Monkey island.

Villa Maya 4*

Small two-storey cottages located in a wooded area, rises to a small lagoon. Spacious apartment with a stylish interior open to a furnished balcony overlooking the lagoon and forest land. It features an outdoor swimming pool with children's area. Get directions in the vicinity for horse and bike rides.

Holidays in Indonesia provides a wide variety of opportunities in the optimum combination of price and quality of service.

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