How to cook a poached egg in multivarka?

9425454Poached egg comes to us from the refined French cuisine. This egg, Cooked unshelled in a large number of slightly acidified water boiling. He had the liquid egg yolk, that is placed in a bag of coagulated protein. Prepare the egg is - an art. And with Multivarki with the preparation of unusual dishes to handle even an inexperienced cook.
The thing is, that an egg poached in multivarka not brewed in boiling water, as provided for in the usual pan, a steam, in silicone containers for baking. Such eggs are very useful, because the liquid yolk is better absorbed by the body, Besides, the egg does not have to be cleaned from the shell, that too is not unimportant. Because it is often an egg, svarennoe vsmyatku, quite uncomfortable there, especially for a young child.25858
Poached egg used to prepare dishes "Eggs Benedict". It is a ham sandwich, or other fillers, on which is placed a poached egg, it is poured on top of hollandaise sauce. Now multivarka help in the preparation of this wonderful dish and.

Poached egg in multivarka

To cook the eggs poached in multivarka, we need:
4 eggs, 4 silicone molds, vegetable oil.
How to cook poached eggs in multivarka?OOO-002
1. Silicone molds on the number of eggs grease with vegetable oil and place them in a container for steaming. One egg split over the bowl and carefully pour into a mold. From above they can cover with foil against ingress of condensation inside.
2. Multivarku set to "Steam" mode, pour hot water into the cup, and install container molds.
3. cook by 3 minutes, determining the cooking time by experience, because the power at different multivarok. Remember, that protein should boil, and the yolk should not digested and remain liquid.
4. After cooking, lay eggs on a plate and decorate with greenery. Serve with vegetables can be, salad, meat products and any optional additives.

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