How to cook a delicious yogurt in multivarka?

12457356kjjkYogurt is made from milk and cream, using special leaven. The composition of the starters usually include culture of the Bulgarian bacillus and other beneficial bacteria, to help get this amazing and sweet and sour milk product. Often added to fruit yoghurt, berries, vegetables and derived products, eg, juices, jams, mashed.
The yoghurt high in protein, it is a complete source of calcium, potassium, vitamin B.
Yogurt, prepared at home using Multivarki, guaranteed to be without any chemical additives and dyes, it will only contain live bifidokultury, and will not have to worry about the shelf life. This is a truly useful product for the whole family.

  • any milk, bought on the market, with hands, necessarily need to be boiled. Not only can be boiled milk from Tetrapak.
  • Hot boiled milk before cooking to be cooled to a temperature no higher than 40aboutWITH. If the products of different temperatures, they should be left for a moment on the table to warm to room temperature. The main rule - all products must have the original at the same temperature.
  • All utensils for making yogurt must It is well washed and scalded with boiling water, remember, in a warm environment can multiply and bacteria!

1. How to cook homemade yogurt in natural multivarka?

To prepare homemade yogurt natural, we will need:
1 a liter of milk, 300 g bio-yogurt
How to cook homemade yogurt in natural multivarka?
1. Milk and yogurt are thoroughly mixed in a bowl, then pour them in a small jar and set the bowl Multivarki, previously laid by soft cloth.
2. Add water up to half of the dishes and set avtorezhim "Yogurt", or "heating" on 3-4 o'clock, you can select and manual mode multipovar 40aboutC 4-5 hours.
3. Cans after cooling, put in the refrigerator for a while, for better thickening.

2. How to cook a chocolate yogurt multivarka?

To prepare the chocolate yogurt multivarka, we will need:
Milk 3,2% – 200 g, wonderful chocolate 3% – 400 g, Actimel natural - 100 g, sugar - 30 g.
How to cook a chocolate yogurt multivarka?
1. Milk mixed with sugar, chocolate drink "Miracle chocolate" and Actimel.
2. The resulting mixture was pour into jars and close the lids.
3. In multivarku pour a little water and put the grate, it set the jars and turn program "Yogurt" on 5 hours.
4. Cool after cooking.

3. Strawberry yogurt in multivarka

Milk 3,2% – 0,5 l, cream 11% – 1 c., sugar - 2 st.l., strawberry syrup - 2 st.l., Actimel natural - 100 g.
1. Cream, milk, sugar, syrup mix and add Actimel, again mix well and pour into jars, close their lids.
2. At the bottom of the bowl Multivarki pave silicone mat, Pour water up to the middle of the jars, close the lid Multivarki.
3. establish program "Yogurt" on 6-8 hours, after cooking jars of yogurt to cool in the refrigerator for several hours.

The main causes of poor fermentation yogurt

  • If antibiotics are present in milk, it is not fermented yogurt, We need to change the milk producer.
  • Ferment die at a temperature above 40 ° C, add it to a warm, but not in the hot milk.
  • If yogurt is separated from the whey, this shows, that the milk is hot above 40 ° C. To avoid this, a jar of yogurt, at the bottom of the bowl, enclose the silicone gasket, or poured into the bowl water to half parisons, Cover the jar itself is not closed. Another reason - too much time for fermentation, it is necessary to reduce.
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