How to cook pork?

Pork - very tasty meat, which in many countries it is a delicacy and value superior to beef. From that meat can be cooked a lot of variety of dishes, always delicious and hearty.

How to cook the pork in the oven?

Pork, baked in foil

To thereby prepare pork, you need meat (1 kg) how to wash and do it on a few deep cuts - they put chopped garlic cloves to give the dish a special taste of the future. Meat must rub with salt and seasonings, wrapped in foil, and then send it in the oven. Bake at 180 °. The foil will help to avoid excessive moisture loss, so even after roasting pork is juicy and soft. Served dish with a side dish: hrechkoy, macaroni, rice or potatoes.

Pork, cooked in a sleeve

To prepare a delicious dish of meat in the oven bag – sleeve – simple! To this end, pork fillet (1 kg) you first need to marinate: mixed soy sauce, mayonnaise and seasonings. The resulting mixture is necessary to pour over meat. Top added more diced pitted prunes. Pork should be left as such in the 5 hours. Then you can begin to fill the sleeve: is put first pickled meat, further - diced potatoes. Package with contents is placed in the oven for 1 time, bake at a temperature of 200 °.

Pork in the pot

Prepare pots: is put at the bottom of each piece of butter. Meat (1 kg) cut into small squares, placed in pots. Top sliced ​​carrots and potatoes into small cubes. All this watered tomato paste. Further pots closed with a lid and leave in the oven for 1 time. The initial temperature cooking 200°, however, after the start of the boiling liquid in the pot fire is reduced to 150 ° to the closure roasting.

How to cook pork multivarka?

With Multivarki can quickly create a lot of culinary delights, retaining all the beneficial properties of the products used. To cook pork so, you need to cut the meat into thick flat pieces and put them in a pan. Thereto was poured a mixture of two glasses of water, spice (taste) and the juice of one whole lemon. Pan is placed on the fire to a simmer. At the bottom of Multivarki meanwhile can expand sliced ​​canned pineapple. Boiling the mixture is cooled, is poured into the tank Multivarki. Then the meat is laid out. Then heat treatment is performed in accordance with instructions recommendations.

How to cook pork steak?

Grilled pork meat is very tasty and juicy. To do this, first marinate the meat in spices: in a sealed container in the refrigerator to leave for a while (to several hours). Later it will be necessary to give the pork a little warm at room temperature. Then you can start roasting. At home, you can cook pork to an ordinary frying pan: poured oil, It reached the desired temperature. Steak is fried until golden. It usually takes three minutes on each side of the roast. Next, the meat is removed, decomposed into plates under foil. After a few minutes it can be supplied.

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