How to cook a pizza in multivarka?

PizzaHow to cook a pizza in multivarka?

Pizza is a truly versatile dish. At a dinner for the whole family, she will be happy as adults, and children, pizza rescue, if unexpected guests descended, it's nice to get a piece of pizza and a. Using a slow cooker can quickly cook a pizza with any toppings.

  • The layer of pizza dough to be in a thin, and the dough was easy to cook, knead it immediately to the 2-3 pizza, they always come in handy, because the pizza does not happen much. But, in a pinch, excess dough can be frozen perfectly!
  • Pizza dough is prepared by leaps and bounds, on yogurt or sour cream, on beer, very tasty pizza, and it turns out puff pastry minced. We will tell you how to cook quick pizza dough and low-calorie pizza with tomatoes and mushrooms in a slow cooker.

How to cook quick pizza dough?

To prepare a quick pizza dough we need:
2 Article. flour, 2 eggs, 0,5 Article. milk, 1 st.l. vegetable oil, 1 ch.l. salt, 1 ch.l. Sahara.
1. Sift flour into a bowl, make a hole in the middle.
2. Eggs mixed with warm milk and butter (better to take the olive), pour the mixture into flour and gently peremesit 10-15 minutes prior to the elasticity and softness, hands can be lubricated with oil.
3. Put the dough in a damp towel and let 20 minutes of rest in bed, then roll diameter Multivarki. This amount is enough for 3 pizza.

The video shows how to prepare a quick pizza dough:

1370470560Pizza with tomatoes and mushrooms in multivarka

To cook a pizza with mushrooms in multivarka we need:
Tomatoes 1 PC. or tomato sauce (ketchup), Champignon mushrooms - 200 g, cheese - 100 city, oregano, garlic olive oil, olives, green basil for decoration.
How to cook a pizza with mushrooms in multivarka:
1. Prepare tomatoes - wash and cut into slices, rinse and clean the mushrooms, cut into slices, cheese rub. Garlic, we press with the help of the press and mix with olive oil.
2. The finished dough roll out on any recipe is thin enough, in diameter Multivarki.
3. Bowl Multivarki lubricating oil, laid the dough, we do bumpers, lubricates tomato sauce and laid on him the tomatoes cut into slices, sprinkle a little salt.
4. Top put sliced ​​mushrooms, natertыy sыr, chopped pitted black olives.
5. Pour garlic butter and sprinkle with oregano.
6. Set the "Baking" mode 40-50 minutes, depending on the power unit. Put the pizza using a silicone spatula, Slightly tilt the cup, decorate with greenery.

Cooking Tips:

  • Do not put too many ingredients on the dough, bad pizza propechetsya.
  • Tomatoes cut finely, put a little, otherwise the filling will be watery.

How to cook a pizza in multivarka based on yeast dough, see the video:
Note: in a slow cooker if it's not “Pizza”, use the mode “Pastries”

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