How to fry shrimp?

Shrimp - a seafood, which is famous for high content of iodine. Besides, if you know, how to fry shrimp, they can surprise their taste and aroma. This delicious exotic hot snacks to beer and other alcoholic beverages.

How to fry the shrimp in the pan?

Before you start cooking shrimp necessary to defrost. Let this process go on their own, it is not necessary to accelerate its. Once unfrozen shrimp, they must be cleaned. Remove the shell and head.
Shrimps used for frying pan with a thick bottom. Pour olive oil into it. As for oil, it can dilute the spices, also flavored with garlic and herbs, their cooked thoroughly it. Before laying shrimp, garlic from the oil clean. Fry the product should be as long, until the meat will become white.
Furthermore peeled shrimp, You can also fry them in the shell. He does not disappear nutrients during frying. The dish becomes fragrant and special taste.
Unpeeled shrimp fry in hot oil should be a little longer, than refined. Willingness shrimp are defined by their red color. Ready to eat shrimp with shell.

How to fry the shrimp frozen?

Fry shrimp can also be, without defrosting them. This seafood is quick-frozen and cooked ice-cream. If shrimp pink, it means, before freezing them cooked. How to fry frozen shrimp? frying principle no different from the thawed seafood. Before you fry shrimp, Heat the pan in a massive olive oil. Then, without defrosting, put her products. Cooked - Frozen shrimp just to warm up, and frozen, when will acquire a shade of pink, hold still on fire a couple of minutes, while stirring. Then, turn off the stove, add lemon juice, Stir and cover. Then let three more minutes.

How to fry shrimp?

Since use, Frozen shrimp and no, the frying time and they have different.
Thawed seafood fried 4 minutes, if they are small, and 7 minutes - large.
Frozen shrimp are prepared for longer, as they release water.
Cooked and frozen foods are fried 12 minutes, frozen royal - 10, tiger - 12 over medium heat.
In a microwave oven it is necessary to fry 7 minutes at high power.
Stick to that time, to cook the shrimp were not rubber.
On a note: a fried shrimp in the shell, you can add soy sauce, green onions and chicken broth. Sauté for a few minutes on high heat. It turns out very tasty and nutritious.

baked shrimp

In addition to roasting and brewing, shrimp and oven can be. shrimps , prepared in this way is much better, than roasted. Because they retain all the nutrients and low in fat.
Baked shrimp in tomato sauce
For this we need: stol.lozhka olive oil, bulb, two cloves of garlic, 800g. canned tomatoes, a pound of shrimp, dill and parsley 1P., hundred gr. cheese "fet", salt and black pepper.

  • put in a pre-heated oil pan fry and bow for 3 minutes;
  • add garlic, roza_ker 30 sec;
  • Put chopped tomatoes, we give fry, and then close the lid and give the stew to simmer for 8 minutes;
  • then add salt, pepper, green, cheese and place in oven for 12 minutes.

Understand, how to fry shrimp, not difficult. It is preparing to quickly and easily. the main thing: do not overcook.

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