How to roast chestnuts?

There are salad recipes, which include such ingredient, how chestnut. It exists two types: noble and horse. The second type of eating can not be. Just this variety we grow and. So before you roast chestnuts, go to the store. That's where you'll get fit for frying product.

How to roast chestnuts?

For frying it is necessary to use large fruit. I decided to cook the chestnuts on the street, but city dwellers can benefit from a gas stove and a special chestnut pan. She's at the bottom there are holes. If there is no such, you can take an ordinary frying pan, just do not teflon.
first, what need to do, it is clean and wash the chestnuts. Since during cooking, they have the ability to explode, each fruit must be deeply incise, To avoid this. Then put the chestnuts in a pan and cover them with a wet paper towel. What for? To ready the nuts were soft, not dried up. Cover and cook over medium heat, occasionally shaking pan. Watch out also for a towel. If it is dry, then wet again. You can not use a towel, just pour a little water.
chestnuts are ready, when the shell is easy to begin filming.

As fry chestnuts in the oven and a microwave oven?

Before, how to roast chestnuts in the oven, they must also be cleaned and washed. In fact, it is easier to roast chestnuts. In the oven, preheated, put the baking sheet with incised chestnuts and all. readiness check on the state of the peel.
Also easily chestnuts different cooking and microwave. already we know, that the fruits have to make an incision. take the container, We put it chestnuts, fill with water so, that it covers them little more than half. Turn on the microwave. Willingness to define the same manner, as described above.

How to roast chestnuts?

We looked at several ways to prepare chestnuts. Now it's time to learn, how much time it takes to frying these nuts in each case.

  • Roasting in a pan takes 30 minutes.
  • Baking in the oven takes chestnuts half an hour at a temperature 180 degrees.
  • AND, finally, in a microwave oven - 5 minutes at maximum power.

Of course, stick cooking time - it is right, but still pay attention to rind.
Take a few tips to, how to roast chestnuts.
During frying when you open the lid, be careful. Even if you make an incision, it does not guarantee that, chestnuts that will not explode.
Clean as chestnuts, how they plan to fry. harvested in store, They are tasteless and dry. Eat nuts should be hot, so they taste better. You can add salt or posaharit, if they are not intended for salad.

In what form eating chestnuts?

Chestnuts are a symbol of Paris, because that is where, on the streets of vendors sell to passersby and tourists fried, delicious chestnuts. They can be eaten raw and, but in this case,, you will not be able to enjoy the aroma and taste, as in fried. These foods are served in restaurants as a garnish for fried dishes, used as one of the ingredients pilaf. A sophisticated hostess manage to extinguish, stuffed their vegetables. Also chestnut can be cooked the first meal.

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