How to tie a arafatki?

Arafatka - it is fashionable and practical clothing accessories. Shawl of woolen or cotton fabrics in a slanting black - white checked. Arafatka may also be other colors and patterns. But the classic version is suitable for every outfit. It is better to buy it, and not to experiment, while looking your ridiculous. Scarf - arafatki are men, and women.
Although handkerchief came into Russian fashion is not so long ago, he was able to buy a lot of popularity, among adults, and adolescents. And in his homeland wearing arafatki not so fashionable, as comfortable in their environments. A scarf for them is a way to protect from sand, dust, cold, and covers his face as needed. This is a convenient and practical accessory, which is still fashionable.

How to tie arafatki?

special rules, how to tie arafatki, does not exist, because, how many people, so many ways of tying. However, there are tips, which can be used at the event.
Arafatki mainly tied to the neck and head. It can be done in the form of a mask on the face or used as a turban. The node can be done as a free, and with the original weave. Women desirable to use a beautiful brooch. Also, you can wear a scarf, as a cloak. The expanded angle to the breast, and the ends of the handkerchief back to start. Fasten a belt around the waist cape.

How to tie arafatki color?

Consider the popular ways of, how to tie arafatki color.


Mask of arafatki hides the mouth and nose. You, probably, We have seen, how are its Arab men.
Fold the scarf triangle and cover their heads. Twist left end not tight plait, hold it under the chin to the right shoulder. right end, covering his mouth and nose, hold to the left shoulder, and twisting into a bundle. Harnesses to fasten at the back. This mask is well protects the face from wind and dust.


Fold the scarf in the same, as previously described, and throw it on the head. Twisted into a bundle right end of the back to hold the left shoulder. The front part of the head to wrap them and fix the end of the harness under a handkerchief near the right ear. The same is done with the left harness arafatki, securing it near the left ear. On the rear end of the shawl can do nothing.


Special ring is worn on the head over the headscarf, in this way, fixing arafatki. One end of her recline on the back, and the other lead to the opposite shoulder.

How to tie around the neck arafatki?

  • Arafatki on chest to fold into a triangle. The ends of the cross behind so, to the left was on the right shoulder, and the right - on the left. The front ends of a handkerchief to clean. You can tie them, arafatki pulling up to the neck.
  • Folded handkerchief diagonally, twist into a bundle. Then it twice to wrap around the neck, tying the ends of the two nodes.
  • Available on the chest to tie knots, as a pioneer tie.

we have considered the most famous versions of, how to tie arafatki. In fact, human imagination is limitless. So that, no matter how you tied Arabic scarf, It will be right.

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