How to finish a letter

Almost everyone, which is somehow connected to the Internet, He knows, what email. old friends, Colleagues, family love to keep in touch via Maila, it's really convenient service. True, some still prefer the good old handwritten messages. But the majority of people on Earth anyway communicate.

Of course, very good, when close people do not forget about each other and constantly talk about their lives. But, How to be, if you can not properly compose a message and send it to? Do not worry, This article discusses, how to end a letter. Besides, you can find on our website, how to use e-mail.

It is important to know, that the letter may be the business, greeting or personal. Depending on the style of the text and on, to whom it is intended already compiled the text itself.

How to finish a letter to a friend

How to finish a letter

How to finish a letter

Before, how to think about the ending message, check already written text. It is important to fix any errors, like grammar, and stylistic. After that, think about the addition of the letter. Letter electronically be much easier because you can always delete or add a new piece of text in any part of the message. With the handwritten letter is much more complicated, because it must be written without a single error.

Immediately it should be defined, what do you expect from the recipient. If you want to, to reply to the letter was swift, add special notes or just write it in a letter. If you have little time, to wait for a response, then leave written in its original form.

The letter should end with a logical, the main idea is to be fully transferred. Otherwise, the recipient will be fighting at a loss, what you want to say this or that word. Write clearly, that there were no ambiguous issues.

so, how to finish a letter to a friend? If you had not come to unique ideas, you can use the cliché:

  • Your friend, “Name”
  • I want to see
  • See you!
  • Waiting for an answer
  • Wait for a visit!
  • Kisses, “Name”
  • Come soon
  • Be happy!
  • Good luck!
  • All the best, your friend “Name”

How to end a business letter

How to finish a letter

How to finish a letter

When writing business messages to a more profound and thorough review, otherwise your partner, finding fault, I do not want to have anything to do with you. The text should be written in plain text, You do not need to be huge offers for different turns, avoiding the real descriptions.

Keep your speech, do not use vulgar words and expressions: “Che”, “No problem”, etc.. Treat the other person respectfully, in no case do not insult him, otherwise the message can never send.

The end of the letter should be intriguing, Engage his interlocutor, add a little sparkle. Since the beginning of the text you need to strike the reader to the heart of the matter, and only at the end to fully open their cards. The fact, that the end of the text is best remembered, and therefore, people pay more attention to it.

Before, finishing the message, enter the list of the main documents, if any. Be sure to number each document, do it in chronological order.

  • I look forward to further cooperation.
  • thank, that paid attention.
  • respectfully, “Name”.
  • Respectfully, “Name”.

How to finish a letter in English

In his correspondence with friends and loved ones you do not need to comply with clear text structure. Here it may be easier, because the most important thing, is to convey emotions, the senses, talk about what is happening. It can be used jokes, vulgar expressions, etc..

At the moment, the younger generation speaks quite a different language. Many adults do not always understand what is at stake. Often used borrowed words, introduces new concepts, That's why our speech becomes a completely different.

To finish a letter in English, it is also necessary to pretreat. Check out the entire text for errors, append the necessary notes, and then goes on to the end.

  • Good Luck – Good Luck!
  • With Love – with love!
  • Good cheers – good mood!
  • See you soon – see you soon!
  • Talk to you later talk after.
  • Truly yours – sincerely!

Now you know, how to end a letter. Use these tips, to seem literate person.

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