How to choose a comb for hair

Before we talk about, how and what, choose a comb, it should be noted, what, if you want to keep your hair healthy, little use balms, it is also necessary to understand the combs. Every woman in the kit should be some items for combing hair. If the lifetime use of one ridge, you can gradually deprive the attractiveness of hair.

How to choose a comb?

combs many. How to choose the right brush out of all this diversity? Do not pay attention to external design, important stuff, from which it is made a tool for hair styling. Do not buy metal and plastic. From this comb more harm, than good. The hair will eventually become brittle and split ends. Some manufacturers softened cloves balls, but that does not comb becomes better, just do not hurt head.

The best option - a tree and silicone. If this brush, the bristles should be natural. Such combs do not damage the hair structure, Do not confuse, no reaction to the paint and a variety of masks. You do not have to use an antistatic agent. Hair look well-groomed and shiny.

Which to choose a comb?


Brushes come in three varieties: normal, massage and round (brašingi). How do they differ from each other? Conventional brushes teeth are arranged opposite each other in several rows. they are mounted on a rigid base, while the massage brush - on a soft. Brashingi have circular bristle.
so here, each ladies should be two brushes: small silicone and a large wood, i.e, and for handbags and, that will be used at home. Brushing must also be present in the kit. It is better, if natural bristles will vary in size. This makes it easier to comb.


Comb different from the brushes, that the teeth are arranged in a row. How to choose a comb? In this case, it is necessary to rely on the hair. If greater lengths, then choose a comb with a few teeth long. Suitable for short hair comb with frequent, medium-sized teeth. You also need to purchase the item for combing with short teeth and long pointed handle. This will need a comb to separate the hair, eg, for braiding.
so, what we have? In a set of hair styling tools should be as follows: two brushes - small and normal, one brashing, two combs - plain and with a long handle. Remember! Bristle Brush - Natural, material - wood and silicone. We also take care of their hair health, is not it?
at last, how to comb your hair. To wash hair. Dry naturally, without fans. If your hair is curly, can be applied means, Detangles. hair dry, We begin combing. Smoothly conduct comb hair from roots to ends. Combing motion to spend some time, sebum to spread evenly through hair. This will protect them from breakage.
That's all the rules about, how to choose the comb and use it correctly.

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