How to pickle cucumbers in winter?

How do you want to eat in the winter pickles! Not purchased, and their home. There are two methods for harvesting cucumbers Winter: salt marshes and marinovanie. We will look at the topic, how to pickle cucumbers.

How to pickle cucumbers?

What is different from the pickles pickled his brother? salted cucumbers, without using vinegar. So they retain all of the vitamins.
Before salt, it is necessary to choose the right cucumbers. Suitable for salting vegetables with thin skinned pupyrchatoy. The flesh of the cucumber should be dense with weak seeds. The size of cucumbers is better to choose a small and equal. Then they both prosolyatsya. Choose the correct cucumbers - this is important.
Salt these vegetables mainly in barrels and cans. In the brine add a variety of spices: garlic, horseradish, PIP. It is also good to put in a jar currant leaves, cherries. AND, of course, salt! Cucumbers are obtained tasty and fragrant.

How to pickle cucumbers in banks?

before, you send the cucumbers in a jar, they must go through. assumed Vegetables, now they have a good wash. For this purpose, capacity, better to take a basin, pour warm water and wash vegetables perform the procedure. Then dry the cucumbers well. Ideally, each cucumber wipe towel.
While cucumbers dry, cook and pickle jars. Bank sterylyzuem a couple. Basically, three-liter capacity are used for pickling cucumbers. At the bottom of the banks laid dill, red currant leaves and other spices, which are preferred in your family. Then put cucumbers. They should be positioned vertically and tightly. Fill boiling brine.
· water - 1.5 l
· Sol - 90 gram
· Bay leaf.
Roll up the jar. Stored preferably in a cool place.

How to pickle cucumbers, that crunched?

few know, how to pickle cucumbers. I want to, so that they are crispy. How to achieve this? First choose the correct cucumbers. If you use vegetables with a thick skin, the pickling them in a void. It is worth to bite a cucumber and out will pour the liquid into the arms. unpleasantly, and even a cucumber is not exactly crackle.

The most tried and true method of pickling cucumbers

As usual, it is necessary to wash and dry the cucumbers. While cucumbers dry, prepare the brine for pickling. The amount of salt and water depends on the volume of the container. Calculated per liter of water two tablespoons salt. Mix the ingredients, now let the brine configure themselves, to all the salt has dissolved.
While brine infused, it is necessary to take herbs, wash and dry them. We clean the garlic and horseradish. All is ready, Put the herbs in the bottom of the tank, sypem crushed garlic and horseradish, and then put cucumbers. Grass on top again. Fill brine. If you add salt in a saucepan, then on a plate, which serves as a cover, it is necessary to put the goods. First pan with cucumbers put in a cool place, and then moves to the storage cellar.
What spices can be used? Koriandr, PIP, cloves, dill, mustard.
To fully understand, how to pickle cucumbers, it is necessary to repeatedly perform this procedure. Screwing a lot of cans, you will become a true professional in this business.

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