How to draw a rose?

You, probably, not just caught myself, that idleness at home or at work on pieces of paper draw flowers: chamomile, basil, roses. But it's all wrong, so-so sketches. Try to draw a rose, that it was like a living flower. There is no certainty, what happens? Then this article is for you.

How to draw a rose pencil?

In fact, easy to draw a rose. To handle even the, who do not have the skills to fine art.
so, draw.

  1. In the middle of the leaf curl draw, as a comma, but in the opposite direction.
  2. Slightly departing from the point, draw an arc, directing it towards the center. Doug should cover the previous tab.
  3. Likewise draw the arc remaining at a short distance from each other of different sizes. During their image is important not to lose sight of the flower shape, keep it round.
  4. Colorize rose gradient shading method. The result should be such: inside the flower shaded, and the outer side of his remains bright.

How to draw a rose on the nails?

The original manicure - the desire of many women. So you want to impress your friends. It may be advisable to draw a rose on the nails.
This manual is intended for newcomers to the nail painting. Before you create on your nails, it is necessary to work out on paper, that the rose was perfect, and your fingers will remember all actions. After all, the original is supposed to be the first time.


  • Take acrylic paint. Prepare two colors, eg, white and red. Squeeze them on a palette.
  • Lower the flat brush to draw on paper and nail to draw a semicircle. It will be a two-tone, so Rose will appear volume.
  • To finish a half-circle until the circle.
  • Stepping back from the petals slightly down, draw another.
  • Lower the brush alternately in both colors, then the flat side on the nail base to draw a rose.
  • Again dipped in paint brush and draw the second layer of petals, who should sit on the ground, wherein the bottom protrudes beyond the top layer.
  • Enough to draw five petals in the form of arches. button ready.
  • rose core is drawn in the same. Only the smaller size of the petals.
  • For pomp rose middle and second tier flower connect curls.
  • Cook the green and yellow colors, it is for the stem and leaves.
  • Dip the brush into the paint and the two, perpendicular to attaching it to the nail, draw the sheet half, at the end of the brush greatly expand, that the sheet pinched.
  • Also draw the second half of the leaf.
  • Stem draw green paint brush narrow end.

Draw a rose on paper, until it will not turn out perfect, and you will be able to portray it automatically. When you reach this result,, That's when it's time to move a rose on nails. Flower will be to revive the sparkles.
By learning to portray Rose, you can easily draw a bunch of them. He draws on the same principle, Only flowers will be a lot.
We have seen, that it is not difficult to draw a rose? filled his hand, you will in a short time picture a vase with a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

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