How to draw a human face?

You're just starting to learn the basics of fine arts and dreamed of becoming a real artist? Then you need to pay more attention to drawing portraits. What is a portrait? it, first of all, human face.
Pass it features on paper, complex and laborious process, but the real. If you understand, the, how to draw a face and learn how to do it, then you can be called a talented artist.

How to learn to draw the human face?

To learn how to draw a human face, Firstly, it is necessary to take the reading and careful study of literature.

What books can help you?

  • Nicholas Lee. "The man's head. Fundamentals of educational academic drawing ".
  • n. Rostovtsev. "Drawing the human head".
  • Andrew Loomis. "Learn to draw hands and head" and "Drawing a female portrait".

These books can be purchased at the bookstore, or downloaded from the Internet.
In addition to books, good visual aid for young artists - is the head of the plaster.

The visual aid can help?

  • Since it is the head of Apollo, and it is the standard of beauty, Consequently, the proportions of his face right. Before starting to paint from nature, it is necessary to examine a person's face. If you learn how to draw it correctly, it will then just change.
  • In the first study stage, this will replace the head of the sitter. You will have the opportunity to train on it all the time in.
  • If we compare the plaster head with photos, it clearly wins in terms of naturalness.

How to draw a human face with a pencil?

After examining all of the relevant literature on the subject of the structure of the human head, We begin to draw a face.
· touch off. draw an oval, split vertically in half line and two lines carry across. The first line is a little less than half of the head, the second divides it into two equal. The vertical line marks the position of the nose, and the horizontal - the eyes and lips.
· Outline lines the nose and mouth.
· draw eyes. They should pay special attention to. Carefully traced their.
· Draw eyebrows and then draw the their.
· draw the lips.
· Erase unnecessary lines and draw the cheekbones, chin.
· Apply the shadow and highlight hair.
at once, of course, It will not work perfectly right person, but, if you constantly train, the outcome will be positive.

How to draw a face in profile?

  1. Draw on a sheet of squared magnitude of the size of the future head.
  2. draw a grid. should get 49 squares, that is, all parties split into 7 parts and connect lines.
  3. To determine the ratio of the head to the nose, which should act. The projecting portion does not extend beyond the boundaries of the square.
  4. Determine the line the rest of the facial features, as well as the nostrils of the nose. Facial proportions depend on the image or the sitter, with whom he painted portraits. Default, eyes draw between the fifth and fourth line of squares, and eyebrows - a little higher.
  5. Now it is necessary to define a connection forehead and nose. make a well.
  6. Identify and draw the eyes and eyebrows. The eyes should be similar to those of acute triangle, and eyebrows - to repeat the line of the eyes.
  7. Draw a line from the nose to the upper lip, then chin, not forgetting the cavity between it and the lower lip.
  8. Draw hair and ear. to finish neck.
  9. Traced all the facial features and apply shadows. profile has.

It was a theory, Now proceed to the practice. And remember, difficult to draw a face. Do not tune out, that you get the right image from the first time. All comes with experience. draw, draw and paint!

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