How to draw human?

To become a true artist, enough to be able to paint landscapes, animals, still lifes. knowledge of, how to draw a man, also needed. This is not only a portrait image, but also a man full length. Before you try to draw it, must prepare, but, exactly, explore useful literature.

How to learn to draw human?

Usually, study - it is a theory and practice. this implies, that the theory - it is a book, and practice - actions.


  1. Explore the human body structure to help Jeno Barchan book "Anatomy for Artists". It is made in an atlas. This thick instance filled illustrations describing. Find it in stores is difficult, so it may be advisable to download on the Internet.
  2. Books artist Gottfried Bammesa, eg, "The figure of a man".
  3. It helps to draw the person in motion book Burne Hogarth "Dynamic Anatomy". This inexpensive book can be found in any shop of art.


After studying the books you want to practice. The model is not suitable for this purpose. Why torture a person? You can train on a mannequin. Not in this, that adorned the clothes, and is designed for artists. Made of wood and it all hinges on, through which you can help the dummy take any position. What else is it useful?
Due to the different sizes of dummies provide opportunity for young artist to paint a child or a person of any height. With dummy, you can do without the sitter and to draw as long as you want. Also, this person is absolutely proportional to the copy. Mannequin can dress as they wish, and clothing stores all folds, as the tree keeps the fabric and does not let her slide. Finally, This allows the sitter to learn to draw the human in motion, due to the mobility of joints.

How to draw a man with a pencil?

Now, we will discuss, how to draw a human full-length. Basically, if you have knowledge of the books, this process should not be difficult.

  • The contour of the human body. draw a rectangle. We draw a vertical line, divides the figure in half. Line length is slightly greater than the height of two rectangles. The top and bottom pieces draw the arc.
  • Marking parts of the body. Draw the head and neck. Making the baster on the shoulders and lower leg circles.
  • Draw a circle on the ground elbows and feet. We hold the line along the body to the knees. Do not try to make a line straight, let it be smooth.
  • Draw the arms and legs. We draw lines between their circles. Rate proportions, if nessesary, podpravyte. Hands for simplicity can be placed behind.
  • Erase the secondary line.
  • We outline the contours of the clothes: sleeves and neck, Trouser bottom arcs.
  • draw a face, observing all proportions.
  • draws clothing: all folds, with the addition thereto of shadows.
  • rate images, if there are sharp edges, flatten them. Try to draw smooth lines. Figure person ready.

Finally I want to give advice. books, of course, read helpful, but, the main thing, this observation. See, how people move, sit, are. Make sketches and then you will be easier to draw a person from life.

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