How to use chopsticks

Friends call at a sushi - bar, and you have to give up an invitation, because I do not know, how to hold chopsticks. Houses can have sushi and fork, sometimes hands, still no one sees. But here it happened, you will have the prospect of Japanese cuisine to indulge in society, who know a good judge, people. Problem? Yes. Therefore, each person today should be friends with chopsticks, so as not to fall into such a situation.
To begin, do not want to learn, What sticks are. there is, made of metal, Plastics, wood. In appearance they are also different. there are flat, in the form of pyramids, thick and thin. Whatever sticks, rules for them alone.

How to hold chopsticks?

  • The first rod positioned in a recess of the hand between the thumb and forefinger. Then bend at the same time the little finger and ring finger to, that the lower end of the stick on the basis of the second leg.
  • For other sticks have two options for fixing it.
  1. Hold the wand fingers, as an ordinary pencil. Many people choose this way of, as he habitually.
  2. Push the thumb stick to the index and middle fingers, which are flush.
  • Align rods in length so, to be the same, dealt with his.
  • When you want to take food with chopsticks, the bottom should be fixed, and moving the upper index and middle fingers.

The first time, of course, not be able to use chopsticks. Practice on small things.

How to eat with chopsticks?

You have learned, how to hold chopsticks, now it's time to try them there.
Sushi - bar serves wood sticks. They, usually, disposable. This is evidenced not sawn top, which keeps the sticks together. Your business is to separate them, ie break, slightly pulling in different directions. Now take the sticks properly, clasp their land, zazhmite product, dip it in the sauce, and then send in your mouth, entirely, not biting. Work sticks smoothly and quietly.
Finally, you must add rules on, how to use chopsticks and behave at the table in a decent institution.

  • Do not call the waiter, banging sticks on the table.
  • Pre-select a piece of eyes, want to take. Poking sticks in the food is not accepted.
  • Do not confuse a stick with a fork, nothing to it nor print any marks.
  • Do not keep the empty stick in the mouth for a reason, and do not lick it.
  • Do not plug in rice.
  • Do not hold in your fist, if you do not want to alienate the Japanese.
  • Do not put your chopsticks across specialties. If they are not needed, put them on the stand, which is always present on the table.

Now you know, how to hold chopsticks, and mastered the rules for using them. You can confidently visit Sushi - bar. Or, if you decide to eat sushi at home, Do not use more than a fork or other devices. You're a man of culture.

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