How to write the address?

To subsequently criticize the work address, do not be nervous and do not pay extra money, should take care of the issue, how to write an address onrecipients on the envelope.

Correctly write the address on the envelope

If you do not frequently use paper mail services, ignore the rules of registration letter, still not worth it. It is enough to record all the details of the beneficiary, according to the existing instructions, or following the signature on the envelope fields.

On the envelope before sending should be the following:

1. In the "To" box write the name, name and surname of the recipient fully, desirable print.

2. The next line is "Where": there must be indicated the country, the city and the exact address of residence of the, who're sending a letter. When the domestic transport of the country does not necessarily indicate, but to write the name of the edge, district, or republic is highly desirable.

3. In addition to the above items is necessary to accurately enter the index of the post office of the city and region, where a letter is sent. This will speed up the work of people in marshalling yards, and a letter to find a destination faster.

Новый конверт без заполненияPay attention to the return address field. sender's details are written here. It is imperative to write down your address is correct. We begin with the city, district or region. Then write the name of the street, House number, apartment and his name. Do not forget about the index. In the case of the letters return, it must get your hands.

If there is no sign the cover envelope, remember, that the sender's address is written in the upper left corner, and the recipient's address - in the lower right. Abbreviations names, names and other information in the record letters details inadmissible. Try to write the address correctly, avoid patches.

Sometimes, instead of the address of residence indicated a PO Box, if the letter goes to the post office.

How to write an address in English

Sometimes you want to send a letter abroad. Here, the requirement to record addresses are slightly different from the rules of registration of domestic mail. for example, your address: Russia, g. Rostov-on-Don, str. Lenin, house 123, quarter 15. Index 344002. By Vlada Vlasova. English is written as:

vlasov Vlad
123 Lenina st., Up. 15
Russian Federation

Similarly we proceed with the recipient's address.

How to write an email address

To date, e-mail correspondence is the fastest and most reliable way of communicating business people. To send and receive email not need to buy an envelope, write something by hand and wait for a few days response.

To send an e-mail is enough to have an account on one of the mail servers and write the address correctly. What should be done, to create a mail box? First, you need to be registered on the mail server. Then come up with a login.

Login - the first part of your email address, which is used for shipping and receiving emails. Coming up with a login, remember, that it is necessary to write in Latin letters. It needs to be easy and memorable.

At login, you can use your name or surname. for example: tamahin or vadim. If you already have a destination with such password, you can combine the name and date of birth, name and surname. for example: tamahinvadim, or tamahin1954. You can come up with a unique name. but remember, the easier to dictate and record your login, the easier it is to send you a letter.

85969034_4168331_greenemailAfter selecting the Login put "@" symbol and the domain name is written, where registered mail and the top-level domain. for example:,, @ Yandex.r of etc. Note, that record the email address should not contain any spaces. And login, and the name of the mail domain and top-level domain are written together.

The formula of the finished electronic box looks like this: username @ mail domen.domen higher level. for example:, or, or

E-mail domains, there are many. top-level domain generally means belonging to the country. Top Level «.com» domain is considered an international.

How to write the address of the site

Learn how to work with e-mail can only be, when you realize, how to write the address of the site, on which the mail. To do this, open a browser page. In the address bar, write a second-level domain name. Put an end and finish the first level domain. for example:,, etc.

the main thing, Be confident, obey all, relating to, how to write an address, and very soon you will realize, that you are doing it right.

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    For letters on demand, the city is indicated on the envelope (region, district, village), post office code, the full name of the recipient and write "On demand".

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