How to ensure the care home ficus?

pipal, if properly take care of him, can decorate home. In some countries, this plant is even considered sacred. Plus,, it has a positive effect on human health, because it cleans the air of harmful substances, through the leaves.
To plant pleased with its beauty for a long time, Need to know, how to care for ficus.

How to Care for Ficus Kustov?

first, what need to do, this find a place for ficus. It should be a constant for him, as the plant does not like, to be disturbed. Put ficus there, where there are no drafts and direct sunlight, otherwise the leaves will get burned. ficus, whose foliage monochrome, quite tolerate shade, and with variegated leaves - like light.
Watering the plant should be in moderation, ie between waterings land should be dry, to avoid water stagnation.
Dust from the leaves need to uninstall, as the plant ceases to grow normally and its appearance becomes ugly.
Monitor the earth riding in a pot. If you see a white coating, it is necessary to remove.
The plant also does not like, when it is often transplanted. Do this as necessary. it occurs, if the flower was little space, since the roots have filled the entire space.
Top dressing fertilizer to carry out the whole year. In spring and summer once every two weeks, and in the fall and winter will be enough one feeding per month.
Basically, Kustov care ficus simple. the main thing, no chastity with polivami. For this reason, the flower can be ill, and will mites and other pests.

How to Care for Ficus benjamina?

The science of, How to Care for Ficus benjamina, just.
first, what you should pay attention to, this soil. It is better to buy in the store, because the soil should be light and nutritious.

Which to choose a place for a flower?

Ficus loves the sun. But do not twist it on the window, changing the position of, the plant does not like corners. This can lead to disease. By putting a pot of ficus on the sunny side, you will also satisfy his need to heat. Just do not forget to spray the plant. If suddenly threw a ficus leaves, it means, he lacks light and heat. It's not scary. When conditions are again favorable, foliage restored.
Watering should be moderate. It is necessary to feed from spring to autumn. In winter, the ficus does not need feeding.
If a, despite, that caring for plants was correct, and on the ficus attacked pests, then wipe with a soapy sponge and spray the leaves aktellik.

How to care for winter ficus?

When choosing a location for the ficus should take into account the fact, that in the winter it was also comfortable. At this time, the flower can feel the lack of light, it will help to fill a variety of illumination. And do not forget about the drafts. If the window blowing, fix this trouble, insulate it.
Reduce watering necessarily, failed to root rot. the, that all flowers should be watered with warm water to settle and, must know every Florist. Take care, to ficus froze, the room temperature should be at least 20 degrees. As for the upper layer, it just can not be removed in the winter, because remove protection for plants.
by the way, in winter you can perform pruning ficus, to make the crown of lush.
Get tips, how to care for ficus, and in gratitude for this plant will delight you with its beauty.

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