How to teach a child to draw?

Drawing is one of the favorite pastimes of the baby. What is the task of parents in such moments,, when he takes pen in hand? In, to teach your child to draw.

How to teach your child to draw a pencil?

The child has learned to draw, parents must comply with certain conditions.

  • The child must be a place for drawing and all the necessary accessories.
  • The child must be your album, rather than individual leaves, which then will roll across flat.
  • Do not correct or criticize your baby pictures.
  • Do not ask a child goal. Let him choose and fantasizes.
  • And last, praise and once again praise the child.

What should pay attention to the baby while drawing, It depends on its age.
If the child is not yet two years old, he's just learning to hold and use a pencil. Let malyuet, as he pleases. No need to stop this creative process.
In two years, the child should start drawing lines. They should be straight and not broken. The kid is already beginning in this age of hard to hold a pencil in his hand. Draw two points and ask your child to join them. Draw a snowman, and the kid let him repeat. At first it will be hard to recommend given, but nothing, each time they become smoother.
AND, finally, to teach your child to draw, buy him a coloring book. Let encircles figures and bar them.
In five years, the child is already able to think of himself and draw a picture. Your task: show him, how to obtain a particular shade of color by mixing. Also encourage them drawn shape. Develop child fantasy, asking leading questions by drawing, eg, where he was a kitten runs. In this way, the picture will be added.
Show, How to use colors. Teach him how to draw sponge, inflate the tube of paint, use your fingers when drawing, and spray paint.

How to teach your child to draw a man?

The child already knows how to draw a house, machines, trees, etc., but the people had not obtained. We'll have to teach it. decide first, Who will you draw and start. Remember: height of the figure is equal to eight heads.
so, It depicts a boy.

  1. Drawing on the right side at the edge of the paper ovals eight goals - a growth. Stepping back to the center, We draw a vertical line, starting from the top of the first and ending at the base of the lower bout. Mark up the line on the location of the head, shoulder, torso, hands and feet. Draw a rectangle in the upper third of the line - it is the torso. Arcs round out the top (shoulders) and a number (skirt).
  2. Draw the head and join her neck and shoulders.
  3. We outline the circles joints: shoulder, knee, elbow, Feet. Putting them on both sides of the circles smooth lines.
  4. draws a limb. Hands can be bent at the elbows, feet dotting.
  5. Erase eraser markup.
  6. depict clothing, draw a face, hair on the head. On clothes note folds.
  7. Apply shadows there, where they are needed.

Now look at your man, and rate it with your child. If you do not like, the following figure will have to perform different.
to understand, why it is necessary to teach the child to draw, useful to know about the benefits of drawing. Picturing, baby develops the mind, memory, and attention, perseverance and, of course, fantasy.

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