How to smoke a tobacco pipe?

Today, rarely meet a person, who smokes a pipe. Now smokers prefer cigarettes, but in vain. there is, least, two reasons, to replace them with tobacco pipe. first. If you know, how to smoke a pipe, it does less harm to health, than cigarettes. second. economically, Since the consumption of small tobacco, which is cheaper cigarette pack.

How to smoke a pipe correctly?

Rules pipe smoking begin with tamping it with tobacco.

How to fill? The three waves:

  • take a small serving of moistened tobacco measure, pour and slightly trample;
  • add a little more and trample it again, but slightly stronger;
  • pour the last portion and trample.

Important: not to fill tightly or loosely. In the first case it would be difficult to pull, which is undesirable for the light, and the second - from overheating, smoke, you can get burned. count the number of tobacco in their capabilities, usually does not reach 5 mm to the edge of the cup. Tobacco should be fresh. When buying, check for flowability: Take a handful of fingers and release. If tobacco is immediately disintegrated or, conversely, with difficulties, then do not take it. Good product crumbles slightly delayed.
next time, pipe puffing. It is necessary to burn the tobacco matches evenly over the entire surface. If at first you did not work, and the handset goes out, not scary, puffed again, leveling tobacco. Each smoking you have to get better.
Do not light a pipe on the go, this process should be slow, leisurely. While smoking does not tighten so, as if it were a cigarette. Inhale the smoke should be long, to enjoy the tobacco flavor. If you take the time, then one puff is five seconds. Inhale the smoke as possible and nose.

You might need while smoking?

  • Toptalka. It helps seal the tobacco.
  • brush. He needed to absorb excess moisture. If tobacco gurgled, insert the brush in the shank.
  • Lighter for tube, if you do not want to use matches.

How to care for the tube?

In fact, many pipe smokers do not care for it. It is not right. Sooner or later they have to clean this thing smoking and taking more effective means, than, if you take care of her every night. Before the smoking pipe, it must be thoroughly dried, therefore it is better to clean at the end of the day.
To know, how to care for the tube, it is necessary to know its device. it is simple:

  • tobacco cup;
  • his pipe for the passage of smoke;
  • mouthpiece for the smoker.

Before you clean the cooled pipe smoking, it is necessary to disassemble. The mouthpiece is separated from the tube and the brush cleaning brush. The movements must be circular, and up - down. Chibouk cleaned after each smoking as a brush, which then in it at night to leave the intake of moisture.

What are the expected consequences of your tube, if you do not take care of it?

she zakisnet. Of course, undesirably bring it to this state, but you can fix this trouble. You need salt-alcohol solution. Fill the cup completely with coarse salt, saturate it with alcohol. In this condition, leave the handset to complete the drying of salt. When she will turn black, remove it and clean the tube with alcohol. Then the salt should dry well.
There is another way. Boil up the phone without the mouthpiece in vodka for about five hours. two weeks dry up after such a procedure,. This option is available in case of emergency, if the first did not help, since its outer surface will be spoiled.
one conclusion: it is necessary to clean the tube, so it does not spoil.
This short course on, how to smoke a pipe and look after her, It will be useful, if you decide to give up cigarettes.

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