How to be baptized?

Even with total disbelief in the existence of a higher power, you need to have an idea, how to krestitsya in Orthodoxy. This is not a matter of faith or commitment of any convictions, it is a matter to do with spirituality and holiness. For those, who considers himself a believer or just begins his spiritual rebirth, it is important to know the value and the sequence of action to be, in order not to be trapped.
It is a sacred action, which is intended to attract divine grace of the Holy Spirit, call sign of the cross, where Christians are portrayed on itself a sign of the Holy Cross, and call upon the name of God.

How to be baptized?

How to be baptized, usually taught after baptism in the church. But if you still have not accepted the Orthodox faith, or you were baptized in infancy, then you may not know the correct sequence of actions.
First, you need to properly fold the right hand. Big, index and middle fingers should be connected. Folded along the fingers, man expresses his faith in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The remaining fingers need to press the palm. They also have the designation of human and divine nature of the son of God. In such a situation and should be fingers while, when a person is baptized. Then you need to make three fingers to his forehead. This gesture means illumination of the mind, thoughts and future actions. The second movement of the fingers must be applied in place, disposed below the solar plexus. It should be remembered, that we should not lower the arm to the navel, especially below. This movement is the lighting of the soul and inner feelings.
Next should be attached to the right shoulder, and according to the canons of the Orthodox need to move the brush to the left shoulder. This means a request, turning to God, ranked praying to the righteous and to protect him from all evil. After the completion of baptism can be lowered a hand and make the sign of the cross bow in worship, who was depicted on the body.

What you need to know about the cross?

should know, that the cross is not just symbol. He is the most powerful weapon, and illuminates the way to salvation, so everything should be done carefully, precisely and correctly.
In this case, you should know, that left baptized Catholics. But there are cases, when people are confused by ignorance or fear. In Catholicism decided to be baptized, putting his hand first to the left, and then to the right shoulder. In this way they would want to go as a sinner righteous in. In Orthodoxy, the left and right sides of the body symbolize heaven and hell.
In all temporary belief in a higher power has helped and continues to help people experience the various vicissitudes of life and find the strength. Perhaps this is why the utterance of prayers and the use of the cross brings the faithful to God in search of protection and assistance. knowledge of, how to be baptized, and will allow you to get closer to God.

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