How to feed a kitten?

the, it is necessary to care about animals, it is no news. But, how to do it, What to Look For, not know all. Especially if it is an animal - a small kitten, is torn from his mother's milk. Important! You can not pick up the kitten immediately after birth, it could lead to his death. The cat should feed her child, at least three weeks. Kitten with mother's milk should receive the necessary substances to enhance immunity. It has been a time, you can take. But it is necessary to have information, how to feed a kitten at such a young age. In specialty stores as all sorts of mixtures, sometimes even lose.

What to feed a kitten?

First you need to purchase a separate bowl for your pet: bowls, intended for food and fresh water. If the cat is not able to drink himself, I need to buy a baby bottle with a nipple and cat milk replacer. Dishes bought, buy products. We go to the grocery store and take a little bit of everything, to introduce a kitten with food options and find out his preferences. We buy cheese, cream, semolina, fish, eggs, meat, vegetables, apples. Even any baby puree can offer baby.
Home to start pouring milk and water. If the kitten is not suitable for food, Bring it yourself, dip spout, he will immediately understand everything. I met a kitten with a bowl, I drank milk, very good. You can cook on the sample other foods. The most healthy dish for pets - semolina. Once a week, it should definitely feed a kitten. But it is important to know, that sugar is harmful to cats, it can not be given. What else can feed? boiled meat, chopped. It may be given every day, alternating beef with chicken. All products cook, except vegetables. Food at the kitten should be a variety of different, then health will be strong, but, Consequently, it will be playful and cheerful.
Talking about, as a feed kitten, I would like to touch on the subject of dry food. It is not necessary to abuse, and it is better not to use when feeding. Only natural food. You can buy a bag of the food in case, if you do not have time to cook proper food. they, who takes cats on canned and these crackers, animals subjected to risk of developing.

How to feed a kitten?

Many wonder, how much and to what extent should take pet food. The answer is simple. If the kitten has reached one month of age, less than five times a day, and a six-month passes to three meals a day. Adult cat will be enough to eat twice.
Number is calculated, based on the weight of the pet. About 200 grams per kilogram of body weight. So much in the day the animal is to eat food. But it does not matter, The longer a kitten lives in the house, better understood, how he should. The hostess will determine on the eyes of your pet needs. the main thing, not perekarmlyvat.
That's all the tips on how, as a feed kitten. Adhering to these recommendations, grow healthy and appreciative cat.

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