How to play the mafia on maps?

If you are cunning and resourceful, not against anyone deceive, the game of Mafia - this is for you. to understand, how to play Mafia, it is necessary to know its rules.

What are the rules of the game in the mafia?

Participants in the game - it's the players and leading. Players can be between six and more people. The optimal number of participants from 13 to 17 people. driving tasks.

  • Control of day and night.
  • Follow the game, i.e, not to violate the rules. Deal the cards.

Lead is also aware of, who the mafia and honest citizens.


  1. select the lead.
  2. Leading distributes cards: red – city residents; black – mafia, it is less, than residents; red ACE – Commissioner.
  3. Townspeople not know each other, Unlike the Mafia.
  4. The game has two stages: day and night, every successive 10 minutes.
  5. The host announced the night - all turn a blind eye. Then he wakes up the resolution of the mafia, ie opens his eyes, in this way, the players know each other. Mafia go to sleep again, and the Commissioner for the orders of their master opens. Introducing held, the game begins.
  6. At the announcement of the day, all open their eyes. After a discussion on the topic, who is the most suspicious player, that is "criminal", by voting it sent to "prison". View a map of the retired, know its status.
  7. Night - time mafia. Using gestures, they communicate and think, one of the residents to "kill". Having made the decision, and leading reporting it, close their eyes. Now the Commissioner all learn at the main, applies whether the Mafia player, to indicate that. The facilitator should honestly answer, Yes or no. Everything is done with gestures. If he guesses, the mafia immediately eliminated from the game. Commissioner closes his eyes.
  8. Day - time of the sentence. "Killed" out of the game. The citizens are wondering, who mafia, version and give the eliminated. Again night. When all competitors "killed" or "in prison", and the winner is, the game ends.
  9. Play fair - an important rule of the game.

How to make a card for playing mafia?

To play Mafia, We need maps. Basically, can say, that they are in the game are not involved, and the need to define the role of the player. Therefore it is better to use special cards, ie role. You can buy them or make your own. The deck should be at least 30 copies in the case, if the players will meet many.

  • Take thick cardboard and cut out his card. Keep, so that they are identical in shape, smooth, make the average size.
  • One way to paint or draw a geometric pattern.
  • On the second side draw a picture and write the name of the character. Stick to, that the mafia was dark, and citizens - or red light.
  • Laminate or varnish paint.
  • If no drawing skills, You can find cards on the Internet, print their. If the paper is thin, glued into blanks and varnish. But all laminate - is better.

Remember: cards must be exactly the same shape, have flaws, or they may have noticed rivals. In fact, play mafia is very exciting. If you have not played, then it's time to start.

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