How to do a manicure at home

Every decent girl should take care of themselves on a regular basis. Not to mention the daily intake bathroom, woman is obliged to monitor their skin, hair and, of course, Nail. But many persons do not know, how to care for your nails, and about manicures and not heard. This article will discuss how, like how to do a manicure, Why it is needed, and also take a look at some important details, which will help improve the fingers.

How to do a manicure

Care for their nails need a daily basis, but pay special attention to, ie. manicure and pedicure should be no more than once every ten days. so, where to begin?

First of all, Gather vegetable oil, which requires heat to a pleasant temperature. Then dip the fingers and it will hold for several minutes. by the way, preferably in advance to give the correct form of nails, using for this purpose an ordinary nail file. Important to remember, that file off the sharp corners of the nails must be very careful. Otherwise, you can damage the skin of the fingers and thereby cause inflammation.

How to do a manicure

How to do a manicure

To begin with, it is desirable to do a manicure in a special salon, so you can learn the basics, watching for a stylist. Besides, you can emphasize some of the subtleties, which will help you in the future. You can chat and ask a professional, how to make the most correct manicure, usually nice people, that are sure to help you with advice.

Nail polish should be selected individually for each girl, because he has perfectly combined with your clothes and lipstick. by the way, when choosing a nail note, that it has a protective and useful properties, so you keep your nails in good condition much longer.

Process of varnishing as important, as his choice. In order to evenly and smoothly distribute the fluid over the entire surface of the nail, you will need to pre-treatment. Be sure to warm the fingers, and then wipe them dry. It softens the skin and the nails themselves. A great solution is to choose a colorless nail polish as a base. It is he who keeps the protective properties. And on top of it is already possible to apply any desired color.

by the way, to varnish removal should be treated as seriously. The fact, that an ordinary acetone badly affects the nails and fingers, it is best to use a special liquid, which is more secure. To trim the nails is best to use no scissors, with a nail file or diamond-coated sand. Earlier we examined, how to make a beautiful hairdo alone, and now for more detailed instructions, with which you will learn how to make beautiful manicure.

Strengthen nails. How to do a manicure

trays are ideal for strengthening nails with vitamins and other nutrients. for example, vegetable oil in combination with Vitamin A, iodine or lemon juice perfectly restores the horny surface. These procedures are desirable prodelyvat 1-2 every seven days. Avid smokers problem – yellowed nails, It leaves itself after wiping problem places a three-percent peroxide solution or lemon juice.

Укрепление ногтей

Strengthen nails

Besides, experts advise regularly rubbed into the surface of the nail in vinegar, citric, cranberry or currant juice. A couple times a month is helpful to keep the fingers and toes in a mixture of water and sea salt.

To strengthen nails need to eat the right foods. Perfectly suited products, which are rich in proteins, vitamins A, sea ​​salt, gelatin. Gelatin is best to use a home jelly.

In carrying out these simple tips your nails quickly take a fresh look, will be beautiful and strong.

How to do a manicure


  1. The first step is to clean the nails from the nail
  2. File off the sharp corners
  3. Soften the skin of fingers in soapy water
  4. Saturate the skin with petroleum jelly or cosmetics
  5. Make massage fingers
  6. Nail polish the surface using powdered
  7. Apply varnish, Taking this advice

Removing old paint

As I said before, to remove paint, you should not use acetone. It has a negative effect on the nails and skin fingers. Use the special tool, which can be purchased in a beauty shop. Note, to the tool containing in its composition components enriching.

Use a cotton swab as a sponge. The first step is soak it and moisten the surface of the nail. Then press the swab with great effort and remove the nail from the entire surface in one motion. This operation must be done with all nails. After which they are further treated and purified from the defects, which disappeared after the first treatment.

How to do a manicure at home. nail clippings.

Most often the shortening of the nails, starting with the left hand, tk. the nails of the right hand are exposed to more external influences, and therefore require more careful care, that takes a lot of time. If you need to shorten the nail just a couple millimeters, it is best to use special saptami, which has long taken the place of the usual scissors. In the process, pay special attention to the contour, you want to get in the end, in the future it will be easier for you to nail care.

manicure home. file nails.

If your nails require some shortening, it pays to use diamond nail file. In the left hand fixed finger, which requires the processing of, and the right hand is working. At the end of the procedure is the formation of. This issue should be resolved in advance, it is best to use technical means, to determine the form, you'll like. Special attention is paid in the form of a finger, its length and width. Taking into account these characteristics, you should choose the nail shape.

How to do a manicure

How to do a manicure

People, which have a long and narrow Birthday nails, usually shorten their, to avoid the pointed ends. And vice versa, a round and try to lengthen short nails, to make them even more beautiful. but, do not forget, so that the fingers can give an unnatural appearance.

It is very important to treat nail file nail edge. To make sure of a good result, Swipe your fingertip along the nail. If you do not feel any defects, you may continue to work further. Otherwise, will have to work more abrasive sawing. Over time, you will have the necessary skill, and you learn how to do a professional manicure at home.

How to make the right manicure. Bath Hand.

After adding the finishing touches and fixes defects fingers are placed on short time in a special bath. Cook it simply. Pour warm water into the basin, add liquid soap and three percent solution of hydrogen peroxide. Then thoroughly mix the contents. This suite will save your nails from nikotoninovyh tracks, who are smokers, It softens the skin of hands and disinfect the micro-cuts.

Then, it is desirable to clean nails with a cotton swab, pre-moistened with the soapy water.

It is important to know, that you can not clean your nails nail file. Otherwise, you can damage the nail surface, accidentally hitting it while working, or injure the skin of the fingers. Fused with the nail skin is best to wash with a special solution or Vaseline, after which it is to hook special tweezers and process the necessary space. Dead skin is removed using tweezers or scissors. It is important not to touch the living matter, This can cause pain and bleeding.

Manicure at home. How to varnish nails.

The final stage of a manicure or pedicure, applying nail Polish to the nail surface. Up to this point, your nails already should have a wonderful view. Varnish adds extra shine and beauty, and masks small defects, that could not be removed in the early stages of work. Besides, he adds protective properties, which prevent the occurrence of burrs. Also varnish helps to correct congenital defects, which are present on the nails, here it is important to determine the type and color of nail polish.

Beautiful nails is a good indicator for a decent girl, who says about her character in general,. Manicured hands show, the woman watching him, it is important that, that will think about it around. Watch for their appearance, be beautiful.

Note the video provided to you, to help familiarize yourself with, how to do a manicure at home.

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