How to call Thailand from Russia on a mobile phone, stationary and landlines

Как позвонить в ТаиландFor all those, who lived, guests or relaxing family, friends or just good friends in the mysterious country called Thailand, It will be very useful to have information about, You Need to Know, I am going to call. Despite, that to do so is not difficult, still exist in this regard and its subtleties.

How to call Thailand to mobile

Currently, cellular communication is very common and almost everyone has a mobile phone. therefore, first of all, consider the question, how to call Thailand to mobile:

  • Как позвонить в Таиланд на сотовыйIn that case, if your future companion stayed with the former Russian number, when making a call does not need any additional actions. The only thing, you need to know at the same time, that the phone number, to which you want to call, It is roaming, so you should first familiarize yourself with the tariffs of your mobile operator at an international call, and then decide if you can afford it, so the cost of these calls is high enough.
  • To call to Thailand from Russia to the cell with the Thai tariff, in addition to the numbers you need to know and a special code for this country. Rooms in Thailand consist of ten digits, the first two of which 0 and 8 all have the same. When making a call from the Russian first instead of the first digit 0 Thailand entered the code +66, and then himself a mobile phone number. So, eg, if you want to call a number 08-2618-3422, the set will look like this: +66826183422.

How to call Thailand landlines

Kak pozvonit 'v Tailand s gorodskogo nomeraCall to Thailand, if necessary, and can be from a fixed local number. This is done as follows::

  • the dialed digits 8, then wait until the beep.
  • Then you need to contact the operator, that caters to your landline phone. If it Rostelecom, then typed 10, MTT-58, TTR-57.
  • Then the code is entered Thailand,
  • Then dial the area code, in which the call is made.
  • And the last to enter the number of your future companion.

As cheaper to call to Thailand

As cheaper to call to ThailandThose, who frequently conducts phone talks with Thai residents or their guests, and who wants to save money on such calls, primarily concerned with the question of, as cheap calls to Thailand. As we explained earlier, calls on the Russian mobile Russian mobile phone, which is in roaming are among the most expensive, also not very cheap cost and a call from a landline. In this case, the best solution is to choose the best tariff, wherein for both numbers.

The cheapest way, considered international calls to Thailand with the help of Skype and it is advisable to number the tariff Thai mobile operator.

In this way, call to Thailand from Russia is not difficult, for it is only necessary to know the codes of the country itself, and the city, in which you call, if the call is made from a landline.

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