How to call contact?

Communication with loved ones, with friends and family it is very important for almost all people. You can communicate by phone, but it is expensive, and if desired a person lives in a different country, it calls to you will fly a pretty penny. In our time, there is a possibility of correspondence with the right people in social networks. But the simple correspondence does not give full communion, If you do not see the person dear to you man, You hear his voice, You can not see his emotions. Now there are many programs to make calls anywhere in the world, where there is Internet.

calls Vkontakte

Calls in contact

Now you have this interesting ability to communicate in a social network "Vkontakte". Recently, in addition to the correspondence function, there are opportunities Audio- and video. You do not know, how to call contact? Next, we will tell you how to do it.

What you need for video calls

  • First of all you need an account on the site "Vkontakte".
  • If your friend in online network, in the section "Send Message" on his personal page that there is another button, which shows a video camera, on it you need to click, to make a call to this person.
  • After pressing this button, popping up the dialog box Adobe Flash Player. In this window, you must install the necessary communication settings, that is, place a check mark there, where it says "solve", and then to another time that it was not necessary to repeat the procedure, click "remember".
  • Now you need to close the window. For video connection you'll need a webcam and a microphone, While many webcams are already equipped with microphones.
  • If you want to use a simple audio communication without video, the microphone will be enough. Of course, to hear the other party, you'll need headphones or speakers. Without a microphone and video camera button does not work.

What should I do if the video button does not work

If you have everything, but the button has not appeared, the try to do so:

  • Install the Skype program on your computer and check the functionality of the equipment;
  • If you want to, it is necessary to update the driver for the camera;
  • In the sound settings we need to enable the microphone to work;
  • After the transaction update page on the site "In contact" either, that's even better, exit from your page and re-enter.

The system understands, that your computer is equipped with a need for equipment and allow video calls.
so, if you are prepared and have set up you can try to call the contact.

At the same time we should not forget, that the quality of communication depends on the internet connection speed you and your buddy. If everything is in order, you are sure to see and hear each other. How to call contact? Everything is very simple.

Description of the window for video communication

Window, is displayed during a call, similar to the window to view the video. In the middle of the window during a call or video appears, a photo of man, with whom you are talking. Bottom are buttons to activate / deactivate the microphone and enable / disable video communication, as well as volume control. On the right there is a button, which allows you to expand the window to full screen.

If you do not call the other party, and he will, the window is displayed, "you call", in which there are two buttons "reply" or "reject" and shown a photograph of the person calling you. If you agree to start a conversation, then press the "answer", otherwise click "reject".

At this time, this project is being tested in an alpha version, because you may experience problems and failures in the work program during your communication.

In this article you learned how to call to contact and what, To configure the system for communication.

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