How to call on Skype to regular phone free

Бесплатный звонок по скайпу

Calls on Skype to regular phone can be free

On the service's official site says, that Skype you can make calls to real mobile phones anywhere in the world, however, this is a paid service. Is it possible to call for free, let us say, in America? In this article we will reveal a "loophole", which allows you to get a few free minutes for calls to other countries.

How to call on Skype for free

To be able to free call on Skype on your mobile you need to do the following:

  • Call by Skype to the number +18003733411. This mobile phone number, registered in the US. A call answering machine, which broadcasts a short promotional video
  • After listening to the advertising offered to choose free function. One of nine. The function is activated using a voice command. In our case we are interested in free calls, then after, both hear sound corresponding, you need to clearly and precisely say Free Call
  • After activating the function will be offered enter any number, which you want to call. Sometimes, if the line is busy the call for free, the answering machine will ask again later
  • After entering the number, you can call the subscriber. You will have exactly 5 minutes to talk. After that, the connection is dropped.
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