How to increase torrent download speed

To date, virtually no secret, that absolutely any files, whether music, films, video or game, it is best to download torrents. This is due to many factors, some of which we will address below. by the way, at our site you can learn, how to set up Torrent.

One of the merits of the torrent client is a high download speed. But why sometimes it happens, what is the size of a small file is necessary to transmit or receive within a few hours? you ask. The response contains multiple parties, look at each of these in more detail.

How to increase torrent speed

  1. so, the first thing you need to clarify the tariff plan, you are using, your provider. Very often it happens, that people require much, but do not pay for this speed. Of course, in such a situation only the elderly or very inexperienced users can get, but should pay attention to it. by the way, speed, which indicates the service provider in the entire documentation, represented in bits, a working unit in the Internet is the byte. So do not worry, if you promised download speeds, eg, 5 mb / s, and you get all 2 mb / s. Suffice it to translate all in one unit, to do this, simply divide the value suggested by the service provider on eight. If you understand the first factor that, We will continue to answer the question, how to increase torrent speed.

    Как повысить скорость

    How to increase the speed

  2. On our site was considered in detail, how does the torrent it takes all of the information is not entirely from the server, and the small particle with each user, who have already downloaded the file. Accordingly downloading speed depends on, how many people will be handing out the material, Internet also called LEDs. The trouble is that, that here you are powerless, you will either have to expect new seeders, either download at low speed. True, some looking at all the other hand, This option is good enough.
  3. Now touch on your computer. To answer the question, how to increase torrent speed, you need to know, any additional software installed on your PC. Very often, inexperienced users download and install on your operating system a lot of third-party programs, that clog the network flow. Accordingly torrent just did not have enough speed, because all of it goes to other applications. You have to clean your computer from dust, or just disable additional tools. It is important to remove as much as possible programs, connected to the Internet.
  4. One last time, which is worth paying attention to. If none of the above did not help you, then try to find another distribution. Very often, that he proposes torrent tracker, or a specific file. At each site there is a list of similar files, where all the information available: the size, Piro Qty / Sydow, number of downloads, etc.. Furthermore, each distribution has an individual datasheet, so do not be afraid to look for other torrent files.

Using these tips, you will no longer think about, how to increase the download speed.

How to increase the speed:

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