How to increase the actual supply voltage?

What we increase the voltage in the mains, is it really so necessary? Permissible limits of voltage in the country range from 195 to 250V, and the voltage may decrease at the terminal network to the distributors 180, and sometimes 175B. The lower line voltage, the worse working appliances, eg, slowly spinning washing machine or a long boil kettle.

Now we need to consider three questions

  • How to increase the supply voltage;
  • How to protect your network from surges;
  • What actions need to be taken under unstable voltage.

first, what you should do - is to find a place, where there is a difference. To do this, it is best to interview neighbors, if they do not jump voltage, so, the source is somewhere in between and you, or do you. This is where you can call an electrician.

How to increase the supply voltage

One way to increase the voltage

One way to increase the voltage

If the source of disruption, not only you, and all the neighbors, then you have to increase the voltage at. Need to buy super-expensive devices, you can easily do, and improvised means. In this case, you need not be familiar with electrical and fear for their health.

For work, we need a normal step-down transformer, designed for 12-36V. Stovattny transformer would do well with 500W, a kilowatt - with 5kW. At the same time we are increasing the utility voltage to acceptable limits. The principle of such a focus - a boost to the actual line. It turns out, adding to your 12V 175, you get to the exit 187. seems, that little, but the technique and that's enough. You can no longer add, because the unstable voltage can skaknut much and then your technique can generally burn! Optimal extra volts - it 12-24, less - it makes no sense, and more - dangerous.

Now the order of action

  • Plug-in transformer no load to the network;
  • To the instrument sockets connect any voltmeter or tester from 300V, if the reading is less than, than outlet, it is necessary to take the ends of each of the windings and swap them. If the voltage has increased, than in the outlet, so, operation failed;
  • Connected to the network fuse, which, when a voltage jump will fall protection devices. If anyone is destined to be burned, the better it will be he;
  • Connected core network of consumers.

Important! Place the transformer in the basement or closet, it works very loudly, that sooner or later get tired of all households.

How to protect your network from surges

more correctly, how to protect electrical appliances and household appliances, if the utility voltage is unstable?

  • Stabilizer. This thing is a must, If your house has expensive equipment. The stabilizer is connected to the input of the power wiring of your house or apartment, the rest of the wiring has been running from it. This device transforms the high mains voltage to the maximum permissible, thereby protecting the devices from combustion;
  • Uninterruptible power supply. This device is very much needed, if you want to protect your computer and the information stored in it information from accidental deletion. The uninterruptible power supply to protect the equipment from the voltage drop, and you, Meanwhile, You will be able to quickly save the information and tools to safely disconnect, until the electricity is turned off completely;
  • There is also the option, as a relay, which limits the voltage, but such a device, having a required certificate, in our country will be very difficult to find.
The device for protection against voltage surges

The device for protection against voltage surges

Important! The uninterruptible power supply is designed for periodic work, frequent use quickly leads him into disrepair!

Each, probably, faced with a situation, when the mains voltage jumps above, is below normal. The reason for that - the outdated equipment of the local power plant and its management. Probably, wire, which runs to your current housing, Specifically podporchen korroziey, and a zero at the substation is poor. The issue of neglect must address the lawyers, and we need to ensure the stability of the supply voltage.

For a country house or in the absence of expensive appliances and computer equipment in the building, You can use the stabilizer from the old black and white TV, if a, of course, he did not spent many years in the rain and snow. for Dummies, a stabilizer would be the best friend of an old TV set and refrigerator. If still more modern equipment in the house there, it can be put to such a stabilizer in a pair is the same transformer, but it does not add to a 6-12V.

You can search for industrial magnitnokompensatsionny stabilizer, but you can buy it only from the hands or on the online auction. The advantage of such a device can be regarded as its ability to withstand voltage, minus - the local energy, Armed with computer monitoring devices, find your device quickly and impose a fine of a very impressive size.

Another device, on the principle of operation resembles an uninterruptible power supply, is an electronic voltage Converter, with its own energy storage device. The power of such a device large - 3-10kVt. Naturally, their cost is very high, but also the work they are doing well, creating an ideal voltage network, which has no differences.

The high cost of the device also depends on, it is equipped with an emergency diesel generator, which starts a short time after a power outage or when the battery negative pressure.

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