How to put a star in Odnoklassniki?

Odnoklassniki social network is by far the most popular among people of all ages and professions, After all, everyone so eager to find friends in the vast expanses of our country, people, which were such fun school days, romantic student years. Established in 2006 , the social network immediately united millions of Internet users from all over Russia.

Star in OK

Star in OK

Can be found here, how ordinary people, good and smart, talented and energetic, and movie stars and show business, political and public figures. Such pages are marked with a star. And to meet this, Many come to think boldly, and how to put a star in his page on Odnoklassniki? It's so interesting! And long starts, the tedious search on the network in the hope of finding an answer to this question.

Can I put a star on your page?

Today, Knowing the desire of some people to stand in social networking, on different resources programmers give advice, confidently asserting, that they know, how to put a star in Odnoklassniki. They offer a long list of possibilities:

  • Download the program to set the desired sprocket;
  • To change the page code;
  • To use a variety of methods of hacking.

Reading these guides, it seems, that everything is so simple and easy. But actually, such advice - nothing else, as cheating. Classmates Network gives these stars only well-known personalities, this status can not and buy at any price, but, take advice programmers, You can contemplate a star only on your computer, other Internet users as it will not be visible.

What you can get, by downloading the program from the installation stars?

worth knowing, that applets downloaded from the Internet can seriously damage your computer, and resistant virus settles in his memory, tracking information, stealing a precious traffic and spoiling the mood of its owner. Internet thieves are caught people in their greed or the desire to cheat. Therefore we should not allow such thoughts, no good will not lead. Classmates Network was created for a long time, for which the best programmers of the country thought of everything, so no one could detours spoil the image of the social network.

Stars, installed on a page, They were designed with the aim of, to eliminate the possibility of the Clones, people, using the name of well-known personalities for their own purposes. These clones were misleading thousands of Internet users for years to come, It is becoming a major problem on the internet. Now their activity is suppressed. And if traveling on a social network you are greeted by a page with a star, you can be absolutely sure, that is the original page is the man, whose photograph at the moment the user sees.

What to do, if you still want to see the stars on your page?

If you are still tormented heart of the matter, how to put a star in Odnoklassniki, the answer to it is, and only one. You need to look at some hidden talents, develop them to the proper level and become the pride of the country. Then this star would be well-deserved, and approved by the administration of classmates.

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